mobile asset managment

Mobile Asset Solution: Safe, Reliable and Productive

Industries with thousands of resources face challenges while tracking and managing the availability of assets to secure, maintain and control inventory within the enterprise. Mobile asset management is a reliable solution to keep track of assets in and around the workplace to avoid losses in terms of revenue, time, and workforce efficiency.

Mobile asset solutions are critical to an organization as they help build a comprehensive inventory, track device location and work orders, enhance asset utilization, and update the fixed asset register with all the relevant data. Such efficient management solutions also provide arranging proactive or preventative maintenance as well as allocating staff for maintenance and repair operations.

Following are the key features of mobile asset solutions

  • The solution helps in planning as well as improving work and repair orders. While previously the industries used paper-based systems to track assets resulting in delayed processes, advanced mobile asset management provide enough data information for making timely decisions.
  • A safe and secure mobile solution for streamlining asset maintenance, mobile asset management plays a crucial role in avoiding data loss or theft through effective real-time operations. Mobile asset tracking systems also avoid unnecessary loss expenses using tracking technology with real-time location data of on-site as well as off-site machinery.
  • An efficient mobile solution provides an all-inclusive dashboard that contains an overview of the managed devices, data modules, device platform, asset location, etc. The dashboard helps technicians and administrators from different teams in taking collaborative actions through a single interface.
  • Another advantage of implementing mobile asset solutions is it provides device flexibility for data accessing and updating on a familiar hand-held device such as mobile phones and tablets. With minimal training and reduced expenditure on a pre-existing device, it is an efficient application for company employees as well as business owners.
  • A mobile solution helps build an asset register with ample data accuracy reducing harmful data entry errors which can occur through manually updating information. In addition to it, people can access it anywhere anytime in the world with internet connectivity on a familiar device which helps saves time and money.
  • It is an effective solution to meet compliance mandates for protecting the data privacy of customers and ensures maintaining standardized procedures for the firm. Unauthorized devices which violate such standards are not allowed to access corporate data which helps organizations improve their security and reduce a significant financial cost.
  • With the help of asset management solutions based on cloud computing and accessible on mobile devices, field employees can view, update, and manage data while in the field from multiple locations. Hence, a seamlessly integrated mobile application allows teams and individuals to plan maintenance schedules, execute work orders, and control the full asset lifecycle.
  • Additionally, mobile asset solutions help in handling remote troubleshooting, maintaining logs about the locations traversed by the devices as well as integrating other software that simplifies management of devices.

Final words

Mobile asset solutions are a proficient way of managing data and tools for maximizing productivity flexibly using available resources. The existence of cloud-based management also helps in the overall utilization of assets as well as to secure corporate data, apps, content, and devices for conducting safe and reliable enterprise operations.

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