New Year Special And Traditional Cakes Around The World

New Year is about to come, I am sure you are also confused like, what to do or not to do. For all of us, it becomes a bit difficult due to Christmas. Christmas just went a few days before the New Year. So we all do lots of preparation for Christmas. We do beautiful decor, gifts, food, and cake. Because we already did a lot for Christmas. So it's obvious to be difficult New Year's preparation. Because we have to do it in a new way, and it should not be looking like Christmas. We have to think about gifts, decor, food, and the most important cake. We all know Christmas can't be imagined without special things. The same situation with the new year also. But both cakes should be totally different. So I thought, why not take a world tour of cake. I mean, the special cake which is made only in the new year. So today I will tell you about some cakes. Just imagine when all the cake pieces will be on your plate, what will be feeling. So let's go for the world tour of special cakes. 

Black bun, Scotland

Black bun cake, Scottish bun, or Hogmanay cake, are the other names of Scotland new year cake. Hogmanay is another name of New Year in Scotland. It is like a fruit cake made with lots of goodness. The traditional Scottish black bun cake is made of raisins, almond, cinnamon, citrus peel, ginger, etc. It is so yummy! Once you will take a bite of this cake, you will never ever forget the taste of the delicious cake. And you will be shocked to know that this delicious cake is completely covered with pastry. This new year, you should definitely try this cake. In fact, you can bake it at your home. This year only, you need to order flowers. This year, you don't need to order online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore like every year. 


Vasilopita, Greece

Vasilopita is a traditional new year cake of Greece. In fact, not only in Greece so many different European countries, eat this cake on New Year. This yum is made by the egg, milk, orange zest, sesame seeds, and so many other things. But the hero of this cake has the above-mentioned ingredients. This is basically a loaf, but people eat it like a cake also on New Year's. In fact, they believe it brings good luck also. It is a tradition in Greece and in other European countries that they hide a coin in it. And it brings good luck to whoever gets this cake. So this year, not only but also order cake online in bangalore send this good luck and yummy cake.  

Kagami mochi, Japan


Kagami mochi is a traditional dish or cake which the Japanese eat on New Year. The Kagami mochi is made of rice, so you can call it rice cake also. This cake is two layers of cake, and it is in round shape. This is a small size cake in which a small round cake is placed above the big round cake. It's decor done by the daidai, in which leaf is attached. Daidai is a Japanese bitter orange, but it goes amazing with it. 

Nian Gao, China


The traditional Nian Gao cake is eaten on all auspicious occasions in China. But they specially made this cake during the Chinese New Year. This cake is made with simple ingredients, and the base of this cake is rice. So you can call it a rice cake also. This cake is not baked instead of steam. If you want to try something else with the Xmas cake. You can think about this cake, I am sure you will love this cake. Because they eat these cake-like sweet snacks. On every special occasion and festival, they make this cake, and first, they offer it to the kitchen God. And let me one thing about this cake, it is quite sticky. So if you don't like sticky things, you can avoid this on your plate. But I will suggest trying it at least once. 


So these are special cakes around the globe. I know, this is not the end, in fact, it is the start. There are numerous cakes on the globe for the new year. Maybe I didn't mention your favorite, but I tried to cover it. But if you are introduced with these yummy cakes the first time. I would love to tell you, go and try this new year. You will love to eat these authentic and traditional cakes. These all are easy to make, so make for your loved one too. 


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