Not Only Fun Things on TikTok, You Also Will Find Inspirational Content. Here They Are

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As far as we can see, TikTok is slowly getting bigger day by day. Many people are using this platform for embracing their creativity. TikTok is music-based video app which recently is popular. This app create so many good content. Not only a good and fun content, you can also find an inspirational content. TikTok creator in the world are competing to make a great content for their viewers which is a good thing to do. You also can create positive content on it to spread positivity during this pandemic. Here it is some inspirational content that brings positivity, creativity and awareness for its viewers.

1. Black Lives Matter Campaign

Lately, America has this huge issue followed by the death of African-American man named George Floyd whom killed by the police. This is a racist act committed by the police. As far as people knows that George Floyd is innocent and didn’t bring any harmful thing on his body yet the police rudely step his neck until he’s dead. This incident made citizen mad at the government and demanded justice for black people. Black Lives Matter hashtag is one of movement to wake people up that racism still exist. As one of the biggest platform, TikTok helps people to bring awareness about racism by raised Black Lives Matter hashtag.

2. Dance for Change Challenge

TikTok popularity were used by United Nations for International Fund for Agricultural Development. They realise the dance challenge for change to raise the awareness of the world’s leader especially for helping rural communities in Africa and other developed country. Participants can share their video through #DanceForChange campaign and adding a petition which provided by IFAD.

3. Stay Home Campaign

During this pandemic, people were asked to isolated their selves to stay home for reduce the number of Covid-19 spread. Not only the government by each country itself who told people to stay home, but TikTok can also spread this stay home campaign by using #StayHome campaign in the video which users has. This way is more friendly to ask people to stay home because it was made by fun things ways.

4. Photo at Home Inspirations

Many TikTok influencers shares their tips and trick how to do a a great photoshoot just at home by using the items which you can find at your home. This is a great content because it has given an inspirational thoughts and action for other people. This content taught us that we can still be creative with just by using the items in our house.

5. Simple Cooking Recipes

Nowadays during this pandemic, people find a new hobby. One of the hobby that people does are cooking. TikTok has given so many simple cooking recipes video covered by funny ways that people can easily understand to copy.

Now we know that TikTok is not only used for fun proposes but it also can bring positive and creative content for others. Let’s spread positivity and raise the awareness of world’s issues by using TikTok.

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