Nutrition before and after training

Nutrition around the training

'What is the best way to eat for your workout?' and 'When should you eat again after your workout?' are often asked to us.

Nutrition For Training

During a training you want to have enough energy to be able to train nicely. That is why it is important that the energy stocks, also called glycogen stock, are well replenished. You can do this by having a good meal about 2 to 3 hours before training. This meal must contain enough (slow/complex) carbohydrates. In addition to carbohydrates, the training may also contain enough protein (about 20 to 30 grams). This combination ensures sufficient energy and a good recovery.

Shortly before the training it is not wise to eat another large meal (think of within an hour before the training). This allows you to get stomach and intestinal complaints during training. You can eat something small like a banana, a wholemeal sandwich with little toppings or a small bowl of yogurt. This is best eaten up to an hour before the training.

Also make sure you have enough fluid in your body. During exercise you can start sweating and with too little fluid in the body, this can cause dehydration. Therefore, with the meal you eat about 2 hours in advance, drink another 500 ml of water.

During Training

For fitness it is actually not necessary to eat something during the training. If you have already eaten well for it, the body already has enough energy. In addition, eating during exercise can get in the way. The moisture content must be kept on arrow. Drink enough water during training to compensate for sweating.

During a duration training of at least one hour, something can be eaten/drunk. This replenishes the carbohydrates a bit and gives you some extra energy. Drinks that can be drunk during an endurance sport include: Isostar, AA drink and Aquarius. The longer the endurance training, the more you can drink.

Nutrition After Training

There is a myth among strength athletes that protein should be eaten as soon as possible after training. However, this theory has never been proven. However, it is wise to eat enough within 2 hours after your training. This meal is best to contain a good distribution of both carbohydrates and proteins. The moisture content must also be refilled well. Examples of a meal containing carbohydrates and proteins are:

  • Cottage cheese with some muesli
  • Wholemeal sandwiches with chicken breast
  • Pasta or rice with a piece of meat (or meat substitute)

Please note that these are the general 'rules' of nutrition around exercise. Everyone reacts differently to nutrition and so for everyone the best timing of the food can be somewhat different. Do you still find it difficult to plan all your eating moments properly? Maybe it is useful for you to make an appointment with our nutrition advisor Our advisor can help you and advise you on what you can eat best and at what times this would be.

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