Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – Find Out Everything You Need to Know

Ontario, the major dwelling for Canada’s Capital, Ottawa is a highly preferred choice for most of the immigrants who’ve the dream to live the best moments of life in the maple country.

Ontario, the major dwelling for Canada’s Capital, Ottawa is a highly preferred choice for most of the immigrants who’ve the dream to live the best moments of life in the maple country. Every year, folks from all walks of life move to this beautiful province. Right from the excellent infrastructure to the mixed social ambiance, this province has almost everything to satisfy your needs. So, get ready and make a smart move this year and live life on your terms.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program aims at selecting the better from the rest who can contribute towards the Canadian Economy and the development of the province as a whole. The main emphasis behind this program is to select the skilled immigrants who have the right skill set and the years of expertise to bridge the gap that exists in the labour market.

Similarly, if you want to apply under the OINP Program, you must have the right documentation and in addition, must showcase the right skills and expertise so that you can easily grab a job offer from the province of Ontario.  This program has been made so that the employers and investors can recruit the folks who want to immigrate to the province of Ontario.

You just need to meet the requirements so that you get a nomination from this province to apply for Canada’s Permanent Residence. There are various streams under the OINP Program that you need to be aware of prior to Canada Immigration this year. Have a Look!

  • Employer Job Offer Category

If you’ve a permanent and full-time offer, then this category is the best one to apply. Under this, you’re required to submit your profile so that your profile becomes visible to the eligible employers. This in turn makes it easy for them to contact you and give you a valid job offer. Now, there are three subcategories that fall under this umbrella of “Employer Job Offer Category” such as:

  1. International Worker’s Stream
  2. International Students Stream
  3. In-Demand Skills Stream
  • Human Capital Priorities Stream

The Human Capital Priorities Stream under the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most sought-after categories that has gained a lot of importance in the last few years. It is specially for the skilled professionals who have the intention to work and live in Ontario on a permanent basis. It always scrounges for the individuals who’ve the vim and vigour to contribute towards the development of this province and the entire economy as a whole.

In order to apply under the OINP, you need to have a valid Federal Express Entry Profile. Now, after entering the pool, you can apply under any of the stream be it Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker’s Program.

To be eligible to apply under this streams, you need to meet other eligibility requirements such as:

  1. You must have a high CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score
  2. You must have enough work experience in any occupation that’s in-demand in Ontario
  3. You must have a minimum of 3-years bachelor’s degree
  4. You must have a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 7 in all the four abilities such as reading, writing, speaking and listening
  5. You must meet the eligibility criteria under either of the economic streams such as FSWP or CEC
  6. You must have an existing Express Entry Profile prior to applying under the OINP.  
  • Business Category

The Business Category is another category for the entrepreneurs and corporates. So, if you are an entrepreneur outside Canada, who wants to take advantage of the new opportunities and looking forward to commence a new business, Ontario wants you. So, all you can do is apply under this stream and flourish your business in the beautiful province of Ontario. To be eligible to apply under this stream, you need to make a minimum investment of $500,000.

Also, you can apply for provincial nomination under this stream if you have an international corporation right by your side. For this, you need to invest at least $5 million in a business. If you have it by your side, you can apply under this stream and expand your potential in the majestic province of Ontario, that is the first choice of every immigrant who wishes to do something good in their lives.

Final Thoughts

Want to move to the wonderland this year? Well, have a look at the most sought-after program i.e. Ontario Provincial Nominee Program and choose the right category that best suits your skill set. Do your homework carefully so that you make the best decision.

So, choose the right one, meet the requirements, receive an invitation from the province and pack your bags to fly into the world of golden opportunities. Unlock your potential and take advantage of the benefits offered by the Canadian Government.

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