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The term ‘Comp’ is an abbreviated form for complimentary. Comps are complimentary items and services offered by casinos to encourage their customers to play casino games more.

If you are new in the online casino world, you probably have heard about ‘Comps’. Do you know what comps are in casinos, and how do they work? If you want to gain insights into casino comps, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we will discuss casino comps in detail and how they work in online casinos. If you seriously want to take maximum benefits from online casinos, it is essential to have sufficient information about casino comps. So know how casino comps work before you play top online casino games in an online casino.


The term ‘Comp’ is an abbreviated form for complimentary. Comps are complimentary items and services offered by casinos to encourage their customers to play casino games more.

The quality and amount of comps offered to the customers depend on factors: which game or games they play, how much they place bets, and how often they play. Both online casinos and land-based casinos reward their players with comps.


Online casinos have a system of comp points. You play casino games by placing your bets at an online casino, and the online casino will provide you comp points. Such comp points can be used to gain some  reward.

Remember that not all online casinos have a system of comp points. Also, those casinos providing comp points don’t have the same rule. However, the general concept of comp points is the same.

Also, note that some casinos might use different terms for comp points. One of the common terms used instead of comp points is ‘loyalty points’. Some casinos might use the name of the casino or other personalized terms to refer to comp points.

You might not be obvious whether online casino provides comp points or not by checking the homepage of the casino or even after playing some online games. So, we recommend you to ask the online casino whether they have a comp or loyalty system or not.

Exchanging Your Comp Points

You invest your time in playing casino games and earn comp points. You can exchange such hard-earned comp points for rewards. You can use comp points to play more in a casino and win money.

If you can exchange comp points for a reward and there are no wagering requirements, it might be even more exciting for you if you want something more like a bonus.

Every time you play online casino games like auto live roulette, table games, slots, or any other games, you accumulate your comp points in your account. A time will come when you have to exchange them for some  reward.

What you exchange comp points for differs from casino to casino. The reward could be cash, free spins, reload bonus or no-deposit bonus or deposit bonus, merchandise, or even avatars.

If you play more and bet more in an online casino, you will accumulate a lot of comp points in a short time. High rollers will get more casino comps than low or mid rollers in an equal period.

Know How Casino Comps Work in Land-Based Casinos

The most common types of casino comps provided by land-based casinos are free beverages, free meals, and discounts on hotel rooms. Some people don’t consider such comps free as they are paid in the form of gambling losses even when the player is winning.

Land-based casinos have hosts and pit bosses who offer comps to players. In most casinos now, players need to have a player’s club card or other similar cards which are used by casinos to track players’ games, and they can award comps based on their play.

Calculation of Comps

Generally, comps are calculated by casinos based on  a player’s theoretical loss. Theoretical loss of player depends on the advantage that casino has on the particular casino game played by a player. It is the amount of money that a player is expected to lose because of the statistical advantage that casino has on the game in the long run.



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