Simple Hacks to be the Smart Mom!!

Simple Hacks to be the Smart Mom!!

Mothers are hard-working and strive round the clock to give the best to their children. Yes, that’s the traditional mom – who sacrifices everything for their family and kids. The world today offers lot of opportunities and exposure where you can still have the ideal family but without sacrificing everything or anything! The new generation of mom is smart and adept!

Follow these simple tips to raise good kids without compromising on your career, me-time or personal goals!

Set Your Priorities Right

I know it sounds boring, but that’s only for few days. Sometimes, it is just nice to have no schedule at all, but most of the times you will feel “in control” if things are on time and done smoothly – which is exactly why you need a schedule and set priorities.

It can be a simple list with all the day’s activities in the order of priority – including taking care of your own health. For example, my list can contain –


“Get kids’ uniform pressed, Respond to important emails, Go for haircut, buy grocery.”

This will help you remember what is important and sort it out so you can get more time to relax and still be happy about completing all the important work. Keep reminders if necessary. It is not wrong to say,

“Alexa, remind me to switch off the gas in 5 minutes!”

because it always works! Be organised, take control.

Simple Hacks to be the Smart Mom!!

Simple Hacks to be the Smart Mom!!

The No-Gadget Time

Saying NO to the not-so-SMART phones can give way to SMART moms! Gadgets have become an important part of our life – to the extent that we take our phones everywhere and simply keep scrolling for the sake of it.

One of my friends says, “Even when I don’t have any messages, I open Whats App and keep checking it in anxiety.”

You can give 1000 reasons for doing it but the fact remains that you are “Addicted” to it. The phone is no way a good way to relax. You can read a book, call up a friend to talk or just go out for a walk. In a day, strictly keep a time when you are not around your phone or any other gadgets that are dear to you, especially when you are around kids. Follow this for some days and believe me –

“The world will seem a better place!”

Share the load

Seeking help won’t make you a bad or inefficient mom. You can’t be doing all the stuff in 24 hours; however good you may be at multitasking. Get help from people as and when you can. It is okay to ask your husband to prepare tea, or take care of your children once in a while. Keep a helper for your regular chores like washing clothes, preparing food or cleaning the house. Of course, a more organised and cleaner home is everyone’s duty and getting help will only make the atmosphere happier for everyone!

Strikeout what causes the stress

If the boring routine causes stress, do something different.

Like, just go out for a movie with your friends or take your kids out for shopping – unplanned. Believe it or not, these surprises make for great memories.


If your frustration is lack of time, sit back and think – why are you not finding enough time?

Is it something important that’s taking more time?

Can someone else help you to reduce the time it takes?

Ask yourself questions and honestly answer them till you find a solution.

Talk about the problem to someone you are comfortable with.

Oh, wait – are the kids freaking you out? Well, hand them over to your husband for a couple of hours and go just wherever you want to – Beauty Parlour, Dominos or just about anywhere!

Thy Be Worthy Of Praise

Whether you are a working mom or a home-maker, it is important to do something other than the usual chores – related to work and home! Do something that will fetch you a new experience!

Good at cooking? – make a portion extra and share with Neighbours!

Good at quilling?  – make some creative stuff and showcase it.

As a mom, you certainly are doing lot of thankless jobs, so a little praise will do wonders to raise your self-esteem and make you a better version of yourself in whatever you are already good at.

If you like reading books – review them and post it!

Like to sing or dance – post a video of yourself and share!

Pick something other than the regular chores. This will keep your mind from being rusted, keep you motivated, enthusiastic and bring something to look forward to –Everyday.

Stay young physically and mentally!

Smart Mom

Earn For Fun

Taking care of your health is important (though moms tend to forget this often). But, taking care of your personal financial needs is as important as health. Earn some money for yourself – Just For You. If you are a working mom, you can do this by putting a part of your salary in a piggy bank and use it umm…when you have a sudden craving for chocolates or a new trendy top! If you are a homemaker – well, think of ways you can earn – not big – even if it is in some hundreds, its fine. Just something to keep yourself motivated and help you come out of boredom and the usual ‘busy’ routine.

Pick one of your hobby and develop it as a source of earning! An old colleague whom I met the other day has 2 children now and she keeps herself busy sending the kids to school, packing bags for her husband to office and delegating chores to her maid. Then, starts her real day. She takes language tuition and music classes. She started with 2 students and now she has 20! By the time she finishes her classes, her kids come home and the same routine starts. But she feels so happy that she does what she likes the whole day and it doesn’t seem like any burden or work! What’s more, she gets some money which she can keep for herself!

Make the kids look up to you as a SMART mom, and not to your phone as the SMART one! Take charge of your family and your own life – with ease and with happiness.

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