Oculus Rift S – Enhancing Your Virtual Gaming Experience

Oculus Rift S – Enhancing Your Virtual Gaming Experience

Virtual reality software and products are taking a huge toll on the technological world and is rapidly spreading from one concentrated industry to another. For those who know and those who don’t, virtual reality is an experience that is simulated to create scenarios similar to the real world or completely different world altogether. The largest applications of VR is to the entertainment industry which includes video games. While VR is still a concept of the future, a comparative part of the gaming industry is making a point to use this technology to give its customers the gaming experience that they rightfully deserve.

Once such technology taking the market with an uproar is the Oculus Rift S. Released in March 2019, Oculus Rift S is the second generation of its original Oculus’ Rift; the updated version brings with it enhanced Fresnel lenses, a pixel density that is higher, and eradicates the  need for external sensors by featuring Oculus Insight tracking. Oculus partnered up with Lenovo to create a design that provides the user with more comfort, in turn enhancing the gaming experience.  Debates have risen over which version of the Oculus Rift was more user friendly, and there have been a few clear comparisons that have been drawn overtime.


Oculus Rift S VS Oculus Rift

The display

There have been a few design updates that the users have witnessed and appreciated. The updated design of the Rift S lets users experience the better VR experience through its improved lenses paired with an enhanced display. The resolution of the updated version has gone up from 2160 x 1440 to 2560x1440 along with an increased pixel density that provides a display sharper than before. There has been a huge mention of the improved display that the Rift S has achieved through the use of RGB striped display that provides the user with a finely detailed grid.

The sensors

The new model has five built-in sensors, which can scan the needed items in your virtual space in order to give you a representation closer to the physical world. This in comparison with the original Oculus is highly appreciated, since the older model required the user to set up multiple external censors in the quality room for an enhanced experience; it often became hectic and troublesome for the users.

The controllers

The updated Oculus Rift S come with Touch Controllers that are similar to the ones featured in the original Rift. The only addition to these controllers is the placement of the tracking ring that which has been moved to the top of the controller instead of the bottom, which was its original placement. The change of placement has enabled the headset to keep the ring in view. Most of the other input points are in their original place, while some of the buttons have been slightly moved.

The audio

The Rift S is seen to be making the best use of a similar audio system that is incorporated within the head strap. The head strap comes with an option of an additional audio jack in cases where the audio quality is of high importance as compared to the general audio output that seems to be just fairly okay in cases where audio quality isn’t a preference.

The price

The Oculus Rift S comes at a price slightly above the original Rift, and the same as the Oculus Quest which is at $399. While the price range is a bit higher than the original one, there are ways that users can avail Oculus Rift S and other VR at affordable rates.


Making the Oculus Rift S affordable 

Virtual reality software are developing rapidly and becoming available for more diverse applications. These devices are wonderful, but also extremely costly, there is a possibility that potential customers that foster a passion for these software are unable to afford them; for example gamers that cannot afford the Rift S. Customers need not worry since there are options available that provide with the option of Virtual Reality Rental in UK instead of buying them at full prices.

It may seem like an odd option, but it seems more practical when you compare renting and buying of the VR equipment. When you opt for renting VR equipment you are in possession of the top quality products, for as long as you require them without investing a hefty amount of money. Instead of hoarding onto one version and complaining about how you can’t get the updated version so soon after buying the first edition; you can always rent it and stay relevant and up-to-date, while being cost effective. When a new version hits the market you can easily replace the rented piece for a newer one. Renting a VR equipment is both cost effective and the practical way to go!

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