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Precautions to be taken while buying second hand laptops

Second hand laptops are low cost and also available in good condition but still, people need to know few things before buying a used laptop.

Used laptops for sale on classified sites are the best place to buy used products but few people want to earn quick money by selling their faulty or damaged product. These scammers are very clever and smart they know well how to fool you by distracting you with their activities so that it becomes easy for them to sell their damaged laptops to you easily and make your time and money worthless and once you become a victim of these scammers. It will be very difficult to catch them later. So, better be careful.

To avoid being scammed by scammers there are certain things that each individual should know this thing before buying a used laptop. For that, you need proper knowledge of the laptop/computer. Even if you don’t have proper knowledge of the product, no need to worry, you can take the help of any computer technician who can identify the faulty laptops or duplicate parts that fit inside the laptop easily and by this process, you can be avoided being scammed.

Before moving on to the main topic let me give you some basic information on the article which will help us to understand it easily.

What are Used Laptops?

Used laptops are pre-owned laptops that are used by someone in the past for a certain time and due to various reasons and factors, it is then available for sale on classified sites or in local stores. These laptops are low in cost as well as in well-maintained condition because most of the laptops are rarely used or used very little.

But before buying a used laptop we should always check for damages or any faults in the laptop and also check for original and valid documents of the laptop or else you might get scammed. Don’t be in a hurry if you are buying a used item. Take your time to check thoroughly and properly before buying.

What are Refurbished laptops?

Refurbished laptops are used laptops that were sent by the user to the retailer or manufacturer for repairing the laptop for some internal or external defects. After getting repaired by the retailer or manufacturer it is again available for sale at low cost as “Refurbished Laptops”.

These laptops are verified laptops and have very little chance of getting damage and also available at low cost. Refurbished laptops look may not be as shiny as a new one but when it comes to performance and working conditions it is as good as a new one.

How can I avoid buying a stolen laptop?

  • Documents: Check all the original documents of the used laptops. The documents might be fake one or clone version of the original receipt/documents and If the seller doesn’t have a receipt then don’t but the used laptop it might be a stolen one. Be careful.
  • Password: Ask the seller to open the used laptops if the laptop had some login password and he is unable to open the password then it might not be his laptop. It might be a stolen one that’s the reason he cannot open the password.
  • Damage: Look for any sign of damage because some laptops have anti-theft devices that have been forcibly removed.
  • Serial Number: Look for the serial number of the laptop and check proper branding and details of the product if the details of the serial number and branding don’t match the seller details then it might be a stolen or clone one.

What should I check before buying a computer?

Before buying a computer, mostly laptops there are a lot of things to check before buying but if you are about to buy a new one you need not check anything because it's a completely new one there is no chance of any damage.

Things to check before buying a used laptop:

  • Physical and internal damage.
  • Good screen condition and proper brightness of the screen.
  • Keys of the Keyboard working fine.
  • USB cables and ports working fine.
  • Battery working fine and charging properly.

How much should I spend on a laptop?

If you are willing to buy a new laptop then 60K-80K is the best price to spend on a good and quality laptop or for long-lasting laptops.

If you are willing to buy a second hand laptop then below 40K is the best price you can get for used laptops. You can get high-cost laptops like 60k-70k laptops within or under 40K.

If you are willing to buy a refurbished laptop then 40K to 50K is the best price and these laptops also come with a warranty and are damaged or faulty free.

Sell & Buy used laptops for a good price?

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