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Prysm Systems Lounched Best LPD 6K Digital And Video Wall Display

Video Wall display is all about building an exceptional adventure for your visitors. It is a technology that is going its way forward and is becoming a boom.

The new modular design helps speed display integration and permits installation in a variety of locations. The sturdy front screen — manufactured from a specialty coated polycarbonate layer — is rolled into a cylinder for simple transport. Thanks to this feature, integrators can negotiate tight corners and enter through commonplace doors and passenger elevators during set-up something nearly impossible for traditional large-format displays.

The 225-inch LPD 6K Series is presently in producing, can begin shipping presently to partners and customers. The new solution is helping to define a replacement category of interactive large-format single panel displays, with bezel-free viewing above one hundred inches, with screen sizes available at 225,190 and 135 inches.

“Since its origin, Prysm has pushed the boundaries of technology. “Effectively harnessing creativity relies on the ability to efficiently interact and collaborate in today’s digital workplace environment.

Video Wall Display

LPD 6K Series Package

The LPD 6K display is available with Prysm’s visual collaboration platform known as the Prysm Application Suite. The Prysm Application Suite consolidates applications, content, video conferencing, and the web into a touch-interactive workspace, where teams can work smarter together. this combination is known as the LPD 6K Series and is made of the following components:

Digital signage — delivers a pretty, uncompromised distance-viewing experience at 6K to draw in customers with the ability to simply switch to an immersive, touch-enabled experience

Private theatres — provides an ultra-clear, color-rich 6K experience with an uninterrupted viewing experience

●225 inch,190-inch, or 135-inch LPD-powered single panel large-format show and Prysm collaboration appliance

90-day Prysm software trial license (optional)

 Video Wall display is all about building an exceptional adventure for your visitors. It is a technology that is going its way forward and is becoming a boom. Not only is it becoming increasingly popular but also great in terms of resolution, sizes, and shape. Going with the flow of the digital era, it is the ideal platform to upbeat the game with the help of new-age displays & entice its consumers with vibrant & grand display.

Their uses include appreciative improvement, information sharing, and interactive functions that involve customers to explore surroundings, clothing options, and a company’s suite of services and products. When you decide to “go big or go home,” you need a companion that understands the effects that non-full-motion video content, and temperature targets across displays.

Prysm Video Walls display, cutting-edge display technology, and customized audiovisual packages. Creativity and versatility in crystal clear, excellent display technology. And impressive images for your big ideas. That’s a Video Wall. Prysm video walls serve the entertainment, fairs, corporate, and sporting events management with large and small venue video displays. Our video walls are complemented by creative scenics, custom mapping of video sources our discrete and powerful display systems, in a wide range of resolutions and sizes, give options for every type of event. Screens are lightweight and capable. Ground-supported and “flown” arrangements accommodate event staging requirements. Creative scenic effects and environmental enhancements make the ordinary extraordinary. The interactive single panel large-format displays Prysm Video Walls offers a scenic image uninterrupted by seams or bezels and targets experience/briefing centers, premium audience rooms, and digital signage deployments.

It’s not a video wall, per se. Rather, it’s a large-format, seamless or bezel-less, display that pushes high expectations for both digital signage and collaboration applications. “It has a high fill-factor, high contrast ratio, so it’s a nice solution if a company is looking for digital signage but also ones that want an in-person collaboration experience. She adds that even when viewing from a few inches away the LPD 6K Series prepares a nice visual experience. “You don’t see the fill factor among the pixels. You can see the context of the content that you’re looking at.”

One of the unique features is the ‘guest mode’. Assume that a bank is using Prysm technology. The guest mode allows a person who is not an employee, to join the organization’s internal system using an access key. The guest will be able to access all functionalities that employees can, except download content. The guest will have access until it’s revoked.

Another feature is ‘live source’ interactive video wall display streaming from any number of sources. “Ten screens can initiate up on the Prysm screen showing video content. Anyone can edit or annotate any of the screens. One of the big pluses of the Prysm technology is that it is third-party agnostic. It is compatible with existing collaboration platforms as well as video conferencing solutions from Cisco, Polycom,  Skype for Business, or Lifesize. ‘Co-browsing’ is another feature recently added. It allows several people in different locations to interact with the same web page or browser session concurrently. In other words, all team members have the same view of the web content, and they operate collaboratively on the same project. This is comparable to what Microsoft One-Drive or Google Drive does, but on a much bigger scale, at an industry level.

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