Public Cloud Hosting

Public Cloud Hosting—An In-Demand Service In Information Technology Industry

Public Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is getting more demand as web-based businesses are growing exponentially. It comes in two structures: Public Cloud Hosting and Private Cloud Hosting. Public Cloud Hosting is getting more attention as it is very flexible and scalable for small, medium, and startup businesses. 


The Definition of Public Cloud Hosting


Public cloud architecture refers to Internet-based computing where IT services are available through the world-wide-web. This system requires less investment from the businesses to utilize the services. Technical agility increases customization opportunities when workload or user access increases. 


Cloud hosting services

The Public cloud hosting service examples are several IT solutions from Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon. Microsoft office online and Google workplace services are the most successful and highly accessed services. 


Public cloud hosting solutions may be free for the end-user or come with a very low-cost subscription fee. When an online business wants to purchase or set up its own public cloud interface to facilitate storage, emails, and apps services, that could attract some one-time investment. 


The vendor of the public cloud environment mostly maintains the platform. They are responsible to provide enough cloud resources so that a large user volume can access services through the Internet. 


When Businesses Need Public Cloud Solution


When you see the following activities in your business, know for sure that your company needs a good public cloud hosting service:


  • Developing software on a regular basis and need a secure but readily available test environment.
  • Internet-based service that frequently sees fluctuations in user access.
  • The service need is predictable, such as enabling communications for remote employees.
  • Applications and IT resources need everyday access by a large number of employees or customers.

Wrapping Up


Though public cloud hosting is very beneficial for small to medium scale businesses however it may pose certain challenges for large scale companies. Less technical control, unpredictable cost control, and security issues are some challenging concerns. However, IT leaders are working closely to reduce the shortcomings of the public cloud service model. 


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