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Due to sophisticated design and reliability with the affordable price range, the air conditioner has turned into one of those demand-able cooling appliances in warm and humid weather.

Samsung Air conditioner is notorious for making space cool naturally during hot and humid summer. The total cooling system is based on the plastic and water enthusiast with a cooling pad. So unlike the air conditioner, there's not any ecological issue. Due to sophisticated design and reliability with the affordable price range, the air conditioner has turned into one of those demandable cooling appliances in warm and humid weather.

You will find several homes and kitchen appliances manufacturing organizations are providing futuristic features foundation version with exceptional design and budget. One of the indigenize bands, Samsung, is a popular one. They have recently established a new Samsung Air conditioner.

This is an off white color model of an air conditioner with a storage capacity of 10 liters. This innovative layout model of the air conditioner can be set at the corner of the space comfortably. Available features of Air conditioner price in Bangladesh are given below.


- Capability to supply appropriate airflow all around the area. Therefore regardless of where you are in your room, you'd find a sense of cold air.

- Alongside the guide control panel completely automated remote controller is given to control the operating function according to the requirement.

- Timer option is given to place the cooling time. The total time is 7.5 hours. You can set any of them. After realizing this time, the cleaner will automatically go into the shutdown mood. So can stay tension free in the period of sleep.

- This product has good enough electricity to cover the broad space of the space.

- Eye attractive layout with four Wheels at the base is given to move readily from one spot to another comfortably.


- This purifier version only contains 10 liters of water that's insufficient to encourage a more extended time during hot and humid summer.

- Height of this conditioner is enough to stream the water correctly in the bed. It may have been easier.

Outlook and Dimension

Samsung Air conditioner is a tower shape of the white color model of the air conditioner. Alongside advanced design, Samsung air conditioner price in Bangladesh has been decorated with futuristic capabilities. The total body is made from durable plastic stuff. At the peak of the plan, the control panel is provided to place the operating attributes and stream the air properly manually; windows are given. The water index is given to understand more about the available water from the tank. Inside the heating honeycomb cooling pad is shown, making the air more conditioner and its anti-dust filtering alternative make sure about the pure atmosphere follow in the space. At the bottom of the construction, four wheels have been awarded to safely and quickly move the conditioner from 1 place to another.

Cooling Features

This is a 10 liters storage capacity base version with the latest cooling technologies. Unlike an air conditioner, total cooling is based on a plastic and water fan. Unlike a synthetic cooling pad, the air conditioner uses a honeycomb cooling pad to ensure adequate water. Since it is a category model of air conditioner, that's the reason you cannot expect some service from the air conditioner. Alongside making the space temperature appropriate to live in, it will reduce pollution and maintain proper weather conditions.

Available Attributes

Each of the features is given significant enough to create the cleaner comfy to use. Each of the available features of Midea ac price in Bangladesh is given below.

Honeycomb Cooling pad: Unlike synthetic place, honeycomb cooling maintaining the atmosphere smooth and proportionately.

Automatic Oscillation system: Regardless of where you are in your room with the oscillation system, you'll find the touch of cold air through the summer.

Timer: Thanks to have time setting attributes, you could easily set the time in the timer. After reaching this time conditioner will automatically go into the shutdown mood.

Remote controller: you may easily change the operating function with remote management from anywhere in your area.

Electric Attributes

This is a normal house appliance with ordinary electric qualities to operate. You can efficiently conduct Whirlpool ac price in Bangladesh with a standard voltage of 220 volts to 230 volts, and this particular product does consume only 110 watts. So at the end of the month, your power bill will be remaining with your budget.

Cost and Availability

Samsung is an available brand, plus they have many showrooms throughout the nation. Therefore you can easily have an inverter ac within your budget.

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