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Raul Jauregui Ensures a Dead End for Gender Discrimination at Schools

If you plan on dating a student in your school, you should be aware of the consequences and how ugly things can get with the wrong girl.

Around the time many youngsters reach their teens, parents tell them they are their “best friends”! They try and coax their kids to share their secrets and ask for advice on anything whenever required. Some conservative parents also recommend their kids graduate from a university before starting their search for a life partner. It shouldn’t be only when something terrible happens that you realize the importance of what they said some years ago. If you plan on dating a student in your school, you should be aware of the consequences and how ugly things can get with the wrong girl. Read the school handbook from cover to cover to ensure you know about suspension as well as expulsion for drugs, violence, and sexual harassment.

Take a reality check with Raul Jauregui

Philadelphia’s top lawyer for cases involving student misconduct, Raul Jauregui, knows about student handbooks and hard-earned victories going down the drain because a student is accused of sexual violence. He graduated from UCLA Law School and knew all about the dire straits a student and his family faced when their reputation was dragged through the dirt by the accuser and the school’s Title IX team. Most innocent men involved in sexual misconduct proceedings didn’t show enthusiasm for sexual foreplay beyond a certain point, and the woman felt insulted. Unfortunately, nobody from the school will believe you gave up an opportunity to take another young student to bed! Other men will make you the laughing stock and question your sexual orientation instead of listening to your version of the story involving the incident reported by the accuser.

If you visit Raul Jauregui’s law firm’s website, they have a little advice for any defendant to consider immediately after being accused of sexual misconduct. Don’t take things lightly because you aren’t being dragged to court! If the school has its way, they’ll ensure you never return to campus, and no other college ever enrolls you. That isn’t all - you can forget about that dream job you always pray for after graduating from university. If you think you’ll change everybody’s mind by informing them that the accuser was dead drunk or convince them that you are a god-fearing person with high moral values who wouldn’t hurt a fly, you are sadly mistaken. The Title IX team and everybody from the school won’t allow you to explain yourself or let your witnesses share their versions of the truth! Keeping all this at the forefront, Raul’s team of experienced professionals recommend that you first and foremost lawyer-up and consult them before speaking with anybody outside your close family.

Schools will do anything to shield their reputations

Everyone knows during the admission process that all schools are looking for people who will become successful leaders and publicize their names. An incident involving their students tarnishing the school’s name and allowing others to jump ahead in rankings is unacceptable. The environment is so competitive that anything involving the school’s reputation is taken very seriously. For the man in a sexual misconduct case, it’s taken for granted that he is guilty and should be struck off the school rolls. The accuser gets preferential treatment and gains popularity as a strong woman who survived sexual assault. With the speed at which word travels using social media, everyone knows in a few hours about the “nympho” and innocent soul who was forcefully made to perform sexual acts.

Lawyer-up and stay silent

Whatever the school handbook said, it’s time to protect your future against the blind bias in favor of the woman, which will be prevalent. With the herd mentality ingrained in their minds, the Title IX team will mistreat you because you are a man without any friends now. This is an area where Raul Jauregui is a time bomb for the schools, and he ensures all the evidence required is available to prove discrimination by the Title IX staff and others on campus. Reverse discrimination is something Raul and his team have worked to prevent in student misconduct cases. The school is not willing to lose its reputation for anyone and will do almost anything for the student misconduct hearing to be handled quietly and then swept under the rug!

If alumni stop making donations to the school and wonder why all the staff is supporting a rapist, it’s the end of any new developments. Without threatening to sue the school, Raul Jauregui has seen discrimination based on gender worsen and men have ruined their future after being expelled for something they didn’t do. With his civil rights and Title IX expertise, Raul ensures his young clients are treated fairly, and that justice is served.

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