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RD Service: Secure and Easy step towards Digitalization with STARTEK

The registered biometric devices can be used for Aadhaar authentication or e-KYC transactions as per the recent UIDAI guidelines. 

Wondering how secure these devices are? 

The Registered Device(RD) service keeps the security of personal data as their primary concern. RD service allows you to secure the registration of all devices without storing any data on the device.

What is STARTEK with RD Service?

STARTEK with RD Service is a combination of hardware and software that is used for Aadhaar authentication. This can also be used as a finger-print scanner for Digital Signature Certificate, Aadhaar, Apna CSC, NDLM, Digi locker, JeevanPramaan, CSC, etc.


STARTEK is an amazingly easy-to-use, government-approved, plug-and-play fingerprint scanner. No prior software installation is required for the device.

The STARTEK FM220 consists of a compact CMOS-based optical reader specially designed to provide a high level of biometric security to identity for authentication purposes.

The STARTEK FM220 maintains an extremely high standard for which it has been recognized and has received certification from FBI-PVandSTQC. The hardware and software are compatible and make it an ideal platform for the users to use the system for any authentication needs.

STARTEK Features-

• The STARTEK is FBI PIV/FIPS 201 certified.

• It operates with a patented high-performance fingerprint algorithm which enhances its capabilities.

• Along with performance, it provides an excellent eye-catching design.

• STARTEK FM220 is also resistant to vibration and electrostatic shock.

• It comes with a USB 2.0 high-speed interface, thus saving time for the user.

• Provides an option to the user for image quality determination and image enhancements, thus letting the user adjust the device according to their personal needs.

• It is supported with STARTEK SDK for easy software development of the device.

• It provides high pixel density pictures of 500 dpi/256 grey.

Steps to Purchase RD Service-

• Give quantity required and device details on which RD Service is to be used.

• Place order.

• Select an appropriate payment method and proceed.

Benefits of using STARTEK with RD Service- Device identification

Each and every device comes with a unique identifier that allows traceability, security, and fraud management. With the rising number of data breaches in recent times, the data is not stored in the device and subsequently provides an additional security layer.

Removing the need for stored biometrics

The system captures the biometric data using the provided key for security. An encrypted PID block is provided by the Registered Device (RD) Service before returning back to the host application to nullify all possibilities of a data breach. 

Certified registration

Secure and certified registration is performed by the Registered Device (RD) service with Aadhaar. RD Service summarizes the capture of biometric of an individual, encryption of biometrics within it, and also previewing any user experience during the capture of biometrics.

RD Service supplies UIDAI certification to the devices. It also provides end-to-end security at all steps required from signing-in, capturing biometrics and protection, and encryption of data necessary for the registration process.


The Digital Era has provided many benefits to the people. It has made the world more connected through digitization. This has led to an increase in demand for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). This is where STARTEKwith RD Service comes into the picture to avail the benefits of linking of Aadhaar is a must, and it must be done so securely.

Linking of Aadhaar provides many benefits such as protecting the financial credentials of an individual, tracing bank accounts, reducing the number of Benami accounts present in the system, easy tax refunds, and prevention of frauds.


1) What platforms are the Registered Device supported on?

The Registered Device is supported on

Android: Smartphones having an operating system version of 4.4 and above.

Windows: Supported on Windows7, 8, 8.1, 10(32 bit and 64 bit)

2) Is there high availability of RD management servers?

Yes, there is a high availability of RD management servers.

3) Does STARTEK FM220 require the installation of any additional software?

No, it does not require any additional software and is a plug-and-play device.

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