Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh

Samsung Refrigerator Testimonial And Shopping Guide In BD

This appliance keeps the food fresh for an extended time at any season by preserving perfect storing temperature levels. Inside this summertime, get a Samsung Refrigerator to keep your food fresh for ample time.

Samsung Refrigerator is part and parcel of a frequent kitchen. This appliance keeps the food fresh for an extended time at any season by preserving perfect storing temperature levels. Inside this summertime, get a Samsung Refrigerator to keep your food fresh for ample time. Along with a compact body, it has modern features to keep the food clean with actual odor and evaluation. This product will give you a new experience in utilizing modern storage.


This is a Family size bottom freezer model with dynamic smart capabilities. The overall operating system relies on modern-day technology that gives you more joy to utilize this product. In a word, this product is the perfect example of a modern fridge.


Like other Modern-day fridge versions, this product does not have any jet cooling choice and an automatic snowmaking system. The size of the product can also be a matter of concern, and the cost of this item is high contrast to another model.


Though this product does not have all modern features, this item is still an attractive one to the buyers. You can have Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh on your choice list.

Designed and Dimension

High-quality Stainless-steel body with a gleaming appearance in addition to unique surround kits, black end along with the chrome strip detail of this slender line water dispenser can melt along with your kitchen and give and additional ordinary appearance. Above all, the interior layout has made a more organized manner that allows storing more meals. Each of the boxes and tray is made from transparent glass and readily adjustable. That made readily to clean the fridge more properly. As a base freezer, this product is better for the elderly citizen. They can keep or take the food out of the cavity without bending.

Despite Attractive design, this product has a good shape to fit in your kitchen or dining room. The product's complete measurement (W X H X D) is (635 X 1715 X 715). As stated by the size measure that this item is a Sami large category fridge version. The weight of this product is also heavy than a normal one. Therefore you might face problems maneuvering this merchandise from 1 spot to another.

Cooling Characteristics

Samsung freezer price in Bangladesh is a non-frost active smart attributes design. Active Smart comprises a microprocessor, inside temperature detectors, independently controlled variable speed fans, and several air ducts. The microprocessor controls the way the refrigerator operates based on changing patterns of usage. The sensors continuously send data to the microprocessor, which analyses and adjusts the fan speed and compressor operations to deliver a constant and steady temperature. Continuous feedback means that Active Smart adjusts to the way you live. Its ability to respond to daily usage means it merely uses the energy required to keep your food fresher for longer.

The entire space is almost equally divided between freezer and refrigerator, and above all strong cooling system was installed to support the pit properly at any given season. In terms of fast cooling, you can use the jet cooling option.

Storage capacity

This is a Family size fridge model with a storage capacity of net 338 liters or 12 cft as a bottom freezer model fridge has more distance than a deep freezer. The fridge's power is 280 liters, and in the case of the freezer, storage capacity is 158 liters. Interior decoration has produced every part usable. Like the standard version of the refrigerator, this item also has a distinct basket, tray, and several shelves to keep the food coordinated.

In the case Of refrigerator, additional attributes are Bottle rack, Covered door shelves, Door alarm, Egg Trays, Front leveling feet, Complete extension runners, Full-width door shelves, Half-width adjustable door shelves, LED lighting, Rear rollers, Roll out deep, Single bottle holders in addition to Smart Touch control panel.

On the other hand, the freezer cavity is decorated by Bottle chill, clear plastic bins, and Ice tray. All these features have assured the proper use of the total available storage space.

Moreover, its Humidity controlling system keeps the humidity level at the optimal amount for the meals to preserve. That means you can remain to relax about food saving.

Electrical features

This is an Inverter system version of the fridge that has the ability to comprehending the power source state and corrects the power in line with the situation. Inverter systems can increase the degree of electrical energy and decrease the level of electrical energy where required. Moreover, you can run Deep freezer price in Bangladesh together with the normal voltage of 220V into 230v with the standard frequency of 50Hz, and it absorbs 505 kWh. So you might remain tension free in the case of an electricity bill at the end of the month.

Performance Features

This is the Section that has made the distinction of this Samsung Refrigerator from others.

Adaptive Defrost: this wise feature can control the heating. This option depends on two sensors; when opening the doorway; one sensor transfers the signal to another sensor, decreasing the heating temperature and defrosting the food mechanically.

Fast freeze: This option is also referred to as a jet frizzing alternative. By pressing this option, compressors supply express cooling for a brief time and keep the food safe. This choice mainly uses for cooling the water at the time of warm summer.

Frost-free: Unlike the ordinary model of refrigerator, this product is a frost-free model. Therefore it does not matter how long you're storing your meals in the fridge, your meals will remain frost-free and easily eliminate the food in the cavity.

Humidity Control system: refrigerator create humidity within the cavity, which is good for the food, but excess moisture can be harmful to the food. This Samsung Refrigerator version has a Humidity controlling system that controls the humidity level at the cavity and makes perfect conditions for storing.

Humidity-controlled Crisper bins: This really can be a special feature. This includes specially made for keeping the bin jar for a long time; the ideal balance of moisture can keep the bin fresh and safe for a long time.

Particular Features

Features have made Refrigerator price in Bangladesh of fridge attractive to the consumer.

Easy Living: A touch option can readily control operating function. Adaptive shelving and storage choices and slide-out trays and bins allow storing more food than the ordinary refrigerator model.

Sized to Suit: Designed to fit easily on your kitchen, its glossy look with tasteful complete has made this mode attractive to the consumer. Offered in multiple widths, these fridges are sized to match kitchens and families, big and small.

Easy Cleaning: To find long service from any appliance has to wash time properly. Removable glass boxes and shelves decorate this Samsung Refrigerator version. So it is simple to clean the fridge and storage bins stainless steel doors only need a wipe to keep spotless.

Efficient: Lively Smart fridges intelligently adapt to daily use to save energy, cooling, defrosting, and using power only when they need to, without compromising food care.

This new Technology base refrigerator would provide you newly seasoned in utilizing home appliances. This is ideal for a medium-sized household.

After fulfilling the domestic market's need, they have been exporting the product all around the world. According to the weather course, they've been fabricating home and kitchen appliances.

To match the south Asian humid and hot weather, they've made a T calamine class fridge that can keep the food clean at a minimum of 18 degrees C to 43 levels C.

This product isn’t match popular as other refrigerator brands, but you can find Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh from the nearest Transcom Digital house and kitchen appliances showroom.

The price of the Samsung Refrigerator version has been justified with its features. In my view, after analyzing all of the available qualities, this is a standard cost of this product.

From my perspective, if you have enough budgets while looking for a smart appliance, you may keep Fridge price in Bangladesh at your selection list.

Make your decision based on your judgment.

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