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Secure MVNO Future with Revolutionary Telecom Billing Services

Telgoo5 is a scalable, secure and multi-tenant platform for MVNOs, which is built to meet the present and future requirements of telecom billing services and operation support.

With Covid-19, the world is looking at grave times economically. The telecom industry has held its own in these testing times, and has helped the world connect. It holds the hopes of millions, and small virtual operators like MVNOs have a great role to play in fulfilling these hopes. But in their endeavors to provide quality services to the subscribers, MVNOs need telecom billing services that are cutting-edge, contemporary and flexible.

The Need for Best Telecom Software Solutions for MVNOs

As MVNOs do not have the finances to procure major telecom resources, they have to depend on their skills to come up with exciting plans and packages. The modus operandi of most MVNOs is to target a particular niche and cater to its requirements. In order to get this job done, they need all the support they can muster. But as they do not have the finances, they are unable to spend heavily on telecom software solutions, which prevents them from competing with the big names. Therefore, it is vital that they partner with vendors who have expertise in telecom billing services and operational support.

The Role of Telecom Software Experts in MVNO Journey

A telecom software expert has a huge role to play in an MVNO’s journey towards success. A billing and B/OSS expert like Telgoo5 can provide you the necessary support in every endeavor and help you with:

Single-Point Convergent Billing for all Services

A convergent billing system is an integral part of modern-day charging and rating. There are so many services these days that it will be almost impossible to use erstwhile prepaid (IN) and postpaid (OFCS) systems to bill services like IoT, broadband, 5G, IPTV, mobile money etc. On the other hand, a cutting-edge and centralized Online Charging System (OCS) is a different proposition altogether. An OCS can charge sessions and events at the same place. This means that all the services are centrally chargeable, which allows you to generate completely convergent invoices for every services. 

APIs for Quick Fulfilment of Emerging Requirements

As MVNOs do not have the financial clout to customize or change their telecom software solutions frequently, they need APIs to fulfill their emerging needs. Telgoo5 provides a range of APIs that can be used for integrating new functionalities like access to a new payment gateway, database or shipping vendor partnership. Installing Telgoo5 APIs is as simple as Plug & Play.

Security of Subscriber Data

A billing and operation support system intakes a lot of subscriber data like bank account number, email, house address etc. All this information is very sensitive and cannot be compromised, which is why; you need telecom billing services that take care of security from every angle.

Revenue Assurance

Telecom billing services need to come with complete revenue assurance. A telecom business encompasses several interactions with different departments and institutions. There are several 3rd party relationships that need to be managed. And, revenue assurance is critical to ensure that there is no revenue leakage from any partnership. At Telgoo5, we implement fraud detection with great care and have an analytics team that backs up the entire operation by studying every transaction in great detail. By working collectively as a cohesive unit, we use our telecom software solutions to ensure consistent revenue for our client MVNOs.

Dependable Customer Care

Customer care is a vital part of MVNO operations. You need to be there for your customers and clients whenever they require your support. At Telgoo5, we use a cutting-edge CRM and have experienced customer care representative who are there for you 24x7x365.

Telgoo5 is a scalable, secure and multi-tenant platform for MVNOs, which is built to meet the present and future requirements of telecom billing services and operation support.

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