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Seven Ways To Luxe Up Your Loungewear

For the most adorable loungewear and accessories, check out Paisley Grace Boutique, the best Texas online boutiques out there.


Winters or summers, loungewear is something we need in each season. Now hearing the word loungewear might make you think that it is merely for when you want to seek comfort and not style, but here’s the truth. With a sharp eye for fashion, we always find a way for you to look amazing, be it trendy outfits or a mere loungewear set. Have a look at this article to know how you can luxe up your loungewear game, and some of the best Texas online boutiques for you. Read on! 

Co-ords are the way to go

Co-ords have been in the market since forever and celebrities like Kylie Jenner are too, a huge fan of wearing lounging co-ords. They come in sets and that what sets you apart from the others. They look fashionable, are comfy to wear, and grab the attention of anyone around you. Better if you love the prints, because the Navajo Dreams Lounge set from Paisley Grace Boutique is here to steal your heart. Adding a pair of black sneakers to the set will look absolutely ravishing and you can carry this look to the Met Gala if you will. 

The Simple Lounge set in Peach is also one of the best choices if you are looking for a winter lounge set from online boutiques. Women’s loungewear is the king of the cold-weather fashion and we don’t want you to miss out on masterpieces like these!  

Stay in your comfort zone

Now as much as people like going out of their comfort zone when it comes to career, traveling, or self-improvement, we would suggest you stay in that zone when it comes to loungewear. The primary purpose of these clothing items is for you to feel comfortable. No need to glam it up so much that it doesn’t serve its own purpose. 

If sweatpants and hoodies are not your things, you can stick to your usual shorts and tees. The Girls’ tie-dye top is just the right set for you if you’re looking for the best loungewear for women. The vibrant colors, the warm and fuzzy texture, and a catchy design are everything that makes this our best pick. 

Accessorize and adorn

Do not let the load of looking pretty be carried all alone by your loungewear. Add a few accessories and adornments to make it look like you’re dressed to kill. A beautiful handbag that goes perfectly well with the kind of outfit you’re wearing is just the right accessory when you’re stepping out. Do not forget the importance of footwear when it comes to lounging outfits and adds a stunning pair of sneakers to your collection right away. The Play Sneakers are just the right kind of sneakers if you are into prints, and you’ll find them at the best price at Paisley Grace Boutique. The Harvest sneakers would help you help achieve a classy look, and for animal print lovers, The leopard print sneakers are the best choice.

Beanies would be a good accessory if you’re wearing your loungewear in winter. That would look amazing with cute loungewear sets. 

Pair it up

No one ever said that you have to wear loungewear alone. Think out of the box and pair up your best loungewear with elements such as a jacket, or experiment a bit more to add blazers, stockings, and skirts to the list. The best part here is that in fashion, the sky is the limit and we are just telling you to explore as much as you can. Here’s an idea: on a co-ords set, add a semi-formal blazer and wear it as business casual. If your loungewear is printed, you can go for simple and solid outerwear. If not you can take creative freedom and go with a pretty, boho outerwear as well. For the women of plus size, you can pair up your plus size loungewear with baggier jackets or sheer outerwear.

Wear creamy hues

Buttery, creamy hues give you that rich and luxurious look. Light yellow, baby pink, peach pink are some of the best colors we would suggest you go with. Good, if you can find luxurious textures as well. Knitted, fuzzy, and matte textures would be some of the textures we would suggest you go with. Plus size loungewear looks really adorable in these shades and if you are looking for one of the best online boutiques for girls plus size clothing, Paisley Grace Boutique is your go-to place.

Color coordinate the whole outfit

Choose a theme or a palette and stick to it for the whole outfit. The outerwear, main outfit, accessories, shoes, etc. co-ordinate everything into one color scheme and see how rich it looks. Even if you are wearing a mere scrunchie on your wrist, make sure it belongs to the color scheme of your outfit. 

Be yourself 

Yes! As we mentioned before, the sole purpose of loungewear being comfort, do not confuse yourself by adding a truckload of extras to it. 


Loungewear is one of the best options you would love to opt for when you’re looking for both, comfort and style. Head over to Paisley Grace Boutique to get the best loungewear for yourself! 






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