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Steering Brand Perception With Content Marketing: A Detailed Guide

Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room,” says Jeff Bezos. Building a positive brand image can make a huge difference to companies, and Content Marketing can be an ideal way to do that!

Building a positive brand image can make a huge difference to companies, and Content Marketing can be an ideal way to do that!

Brand perception has become indispensable for organizations in today’s highly competitive market space. Marketers need to comprehensively understand brand perception to end the struggle of acquiring new customers and satisfying existing ones. With advancements in technology, customers have ample choice when it comes to brands. Against this backdrop, content marketing seems to be an ideal way to strike a chord among customers and drive brand perception seamlessly.

Be wary of the fact that customers drive brand perception and not companies. Today, a brand is more than just the products and services it offers. Customers build a brand image based on the company’s visions and missions, activities, overall user experience, and value.

So, what is brand perception? How can one measure brand perception? Is Content Marketing crucial to elevating brand value? How to make the best use of content to improve the brand image? What are the things to keep in mind while leveraging content writing service for your brand perception?

By the end of this blog, you’ll have answers to these questions and gain clarity on how content marketing can power your brand perception.

What is Brand Perception?

Before diving deep, it is better to understand what brand perception is all about.

Brand perception is how customers feel about an organization’s products and services. In simpler words, it is the mental image of the brand in the customers’ mind. This belief is impacted by numerous factors like user experience, reputation, functionality, benefits, and word-of-the-mouth marketing. What makes brand perception even more challenging to manipulate is that marketers do not have complete control over it. To a great extent, it depends on the consumers.

For example, famous brand Pepsi spent nearly $1 million to redesign its brand logo last decade. But its customers weren’t happy with the move, leading to the brand switching to the older logo a few years later.

How Can One Measure Brand Perception?

Brand perception has a direct impact on the sales and profits of an organization. As a result, measuring how the audience perceives your brand becomes imperative. Here are some sources through which marketers and brands can measure brand perception.

1. Using Brand Forums

Brand forums or brand groups are small groups of customers who can share their opinion on how they feel about your brand. This way, you understand your brand’s positives and negatives and get a brief insight into what your customers think about your brand. While this technique has been in practice for many years now, it can still help brands identify whether they are on the right track or their strategy needs an ultimate revamp. Moreover, you can meet your customers at random or even engage with them remotely.

2. Surveys with the Right Questions

Surveys provide an excellent way for brands to understand where they are going wrong. Besides, unlike brand forums, surveys bring about anonymity in the ecosystem. Customers are more likely to share their opinions straightforwardly. However, marketers and brand strategists need to ensure that the survey includes the right questions.

3. Monitoring Social Media

Social Media is another vast area where customers talk about your brand. Brands have to identify the atmosphere among customers in response to a particular product or service and develop appropriate measures. Now, there are social media analytics tools that make the work simple for marketers. Reading relevant reviews and comments about brands can go a long way in ensuring customers’ satisfaction and maintaining brand image.

Why Is Content Marketing Crucial in Elevating Brand Value?

Content marketing has the capability of powering brand perception massively. Nearly 70% of the B2C marketers and 80% of the B2B marketers found content marketing to be highly successful, according to the B2C Content Marketing 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why brands need to leverage content marketing to improve awareness.

1. Educating Consumers

The Internet is filled with promotional ads and jargon about numerous services and products. The conversion rates of these ads are significantly lower and lead to a poor ROI for marketers. From a customer’s perspective, neglecting these ads becomes a top priority. With the aid of content marketing, marketers can think beyond promotional content by educating and engaging the audience. This situation paves the way for a win-win situation where brands boost awareness while customers enjoy critical information.

2. Increase in Exposure

Social media marketing is a vital strategy to consider while leveraging content marketing. As of 2020, Facebook has 2.6 billion monthly active users, including 1.785 daily active users. By making a solid social media presence, brands can elevate their exposure rates, leading to better brand perception. Adding relevant links to your site, introducing exclusive offers and discounts can play a considerable role in how customers perceive your brand.

3. Helps in Personalization

Personalization can make a big difference for brands in today’s highly competitive market space. Content Marketing helps in creating a unique identity for your brand among the audience. Moreover, customers can relate to your brand with the right content, making it more personable and approachable. Providing relevant blogs, podcast links, and appropriate personalized emails to customers can help in personalization and building a positive brand perception.

How to Maximize the Potential of Content Marketing For Your Brand?

Many marketers are aware that content marketing can help boost brand awareness and perception among a wide range of audiences. However, to gain the cutting-edge among rivals, brands need to make the best use of content marketing. Here are some popular techniques that marketers can leverage for the same.

1. Do not fail to Deliver Value

The initial step to uncontrollable success is to understand what value you are offering to the customers. Understanding value has a lot to do with creating buyer personas, coming up with real-time scenarios, and building appropriate solutions with your products or services. Delivering value with content marketing lays the foundation for better brand perception among the audience.

2. Customer Retention is Crucial

Many brands stress extensively on acquiring new customers, but they seldom care about their existing ones. It is important to know that word-of-the-mouth marketing remains a top channel for acquiring new leads and customers. As a result, brands need to make sure that the existing customers are delighted. According to a recent study, acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Hence, instead of investing heftily on new acquisitions, maintain a loyal customer base to enjoy better brand perception.

3. High-quality Content is still the King!

No matter what marketers are up to, nothing can beat the importance of relevant and high-quality content for content marketing and brand perception. Mediocre content can lead to poor awareness among customers and pave the way for a diminutive mental brand image. While delivering content, marketers need to ensure that the content aligns with their missions and goals comprehensively. As mentioned earlier, personalized content can go a long way in building a massive brand image.

What are the Things to Keep in Mind While Leveraging Content Marketing?

Marketers need to get their basics right for content marketing and brand perception.  Here are some fundamental things to keep in mind,

1. Monitor your Competitors for Better Clarity

There’s a neck-to-neck competition for content out there. Brands need to outplay the competitors in the sector and, as a result, competitor analysis becomes a top priority. By getting a clearer picture of your rivals and their aspirations, you can be well-prepared to tackle their actions.

2. Dedicate a Holistic Team to Improve Brand Perception

On any given day, customers are the ultimate deciders of a brand’s success and failure. Hence, similar to any other team, hire a dedicated team of experts who are well-versed in improving brand perception. This way, you can achieve remarkable results in a shorter time.

3. Measure and Iterate Periodically

There’s no doubt that all your strategies are iterative in nature. No empire is built in a day. You need to measure the effectiveness of your techniques and improve them periodically. By making the best use of the brand perception measurement techniques mentioned above, you can understand where you currently stand and identify where you need to proceed.

Wrapping Up Content Writing Service

Now that you have clearly understood the importance of content marketing in powering your brand perception, it is time to hire the best content marketing experts in town. Reach out to Inscriberz, the world-class technology content marketing agency, tell us your needs, and we’ll help you build a positive brand image right away.


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