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Student Management Systems: The soul of smart classrooms

The Student Management System is a software application, also known by many other names; School Administration Software, Student Information System, etc.

Educators worldwide have long understood that tailored curriculums and classroom environments to the requirements of different age groups and students of different calibres are the need of the hour. The one-size-fits-all strategy doesn’t serve the purpose anymore. Keeping this in mind, innovators have come up with Student Management Systems to manage the elements of a smart classroom effectively.

As per McKinsey’s report, UNESCO and NWEA also agree that some student groups have suffered more significant disadvantage compared to other and they will continue to face more bottlenecks in remote-learning environments. Going back to traditional classrooms is not an option to control virus transmission. Therefore, adopting efficient School Management systems is indispensable now. 

The Student Management System is a software application, also known by many other names; School Administration Software, Student Information System, etc. These systems provide an automated way of performing day-to-day mundane administrative functions of the school such as fee submission, attendance taking, feedback reports of students, assignment of homework and tasks, etc.

With the tremendous growth in technology, cloud services and data management over the past decade, many organisations have invented software systems to reduce human effort. The Student Management System is one of them. It has rendered the majority of the paperwork ineffective. It makes it easy to collaborate between students and faculty and faculty and parents.

Everything is just a click away. Parents can access their child’s reports, performance, feedback, etc., from their designated portal. Teachers can provide feedback to the students on their assignments quickly in real-time. It has several advantages – It will make your school eco-friendly as paperwork can be avoided. You will have efficient control over student attendance and data.

You can easily monitor students’ performance by tracking their grades and generating reports based on their assessments. Clearly, it reduces the workforce needed to manage the school. Therefore, it is user-friendly and cost-efficient. Each stakeholder – faculty, staff, parents, students – will have customised applications to access their respective portals. The information about attendance, timetable, grades, marks, examination schedules and school functions are just a click away.

It incorporates all the elements of smart classrooms so well that online classes can be disseminated efficiently. These systems enhance the performance of students as they can focus solely on their academics. Due to the reduction of distractions, they can utilise their time effectively in areas where work is needed the most. They can achieve a lot more in the same amount of time than what would have been possible otherwise.

The best part is that all the stakeholders can access all the necessary information and resources from a single screen. They just need to have a smartphone or a laptop or a tablet or any other screen device with a secure internet connection. Therefore, the return on investment is very high. You get higher returns by investing very little.

The discussion panels provided by the Student Management Systems enable better communication amongst all the stakeholders. Students who are shy and reluctant to ask doubts in a traditional classroom setup can quickly raise their doubts anonymously in the discussion forums. It provides complete tracking of students – right from academics to sports to extra-curricular.

We have discussed so many immense benefits of the Student Management Systems. We sincerely hope that the adoption of this marvellous software increases so that we can increase the literacy rates and decrease the drop-out rates in our schools. These systems are the sustainable solutions to conduct smart classes effectively.

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