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The Economy Involved In Shaping an App Like Glamsquad Beauty Salon

The total app development cost to build an app like Glamsquad depends on various factors. Reach out to Appdupe and avail of their pocket-friendly solutions.

In this fast-paced world, accessing beauty salons in-person is a strenuous task. Add to that the quality of service professionals and the satisfaction rates of people. The need for an alternative way to avail of beauty services has been on the rise from the customers’ perspective. On the other hand, beauty salons are finding it increasingly difficult to reach out to potential customers and experience a drop in sales. 

What if there’s a way to bridge this supply and demand attribute? The rise & success of Uber has been the ground-breaker in this scenario, and the most-popular ‘Uber for X’ model can be incorporated to resolve this issue. Transforming into the online medium with an Uber for Beauty app can be ideal for beauty salons to enhance brand visibility and boost sales. 

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to recreate the successful Glamsquad app? If so, you need to know the cost involved to develop an app like Glamsquad beauty salon. This blog discusses the factors that influence the total app development cost. 

Why explore the online medium for beauty services? 

Any app without potential benefits cannot sustain in a competitive market space. The stakeholders of a beauty app include, 

  • Customers
  • Beauty service professionals
  • The platform owner 

Customer benefits: 

  • Convenience and accessibility: Customers needn’t spend time or waste energy reaching salons. With just a few taps on their smartphones, they can demand doorstep services. Besides, they have access to a wide range of allied services, including manicure, pedicure, hair-dressing, etc., from a single place. 
  • Spoilt for choices: Customers can sort service professionals based on various metrics like pricing, ratings, etc. This way, they needn’t settle for available service professionals and can demand high-quality services from the comfort of their homes. 

Service professional benefits: 

  • Massive customer base: Instead of restricting their services to a few lanes, beauty service professionals can grow an enormous customer network by signing up with the platform. 
  • Flexibility in work hours: Service professionals needn’t spend standard hours providing services. They can offer their services during their free hours, supplementing their income as and when needed. 

Platform owner benefits: 

  • Revenue from numerous sources: With a Salon service app like Uber, the platform owner generates income from various sources, including commissions, ad charges, subscription charges, etc. 
  • Brand visibility: By acting as a centralized hub between beauty professionals and customers, the platform owner enhances the brand value and establishes a firm position in the flourishing market. 

What is the cost involved in developing the app? 

One cannot quote a fixed price for app development because the cost depends on numerous factors. Some of the most critical factors include, 

  • The region of app development: App development rates vary with the demographics of a particular region. While the Silicon Valley developers demand anywhere between $80 - $200 per hour, developers in Asian countries like India, China demand $10 - $80 per hour. 
  • The front-end features: The higher the number of features, the greater the app development cost. While features like real-time tracking, multi-lingual support, etc., add to the USPs of the platform, integrating them into the app will significantly impact the total cost. 
  • The design element: Loading features into the platform will inevitably lead to complexity in design. You need a skilled team of graphic designers to work diligently on the UI/UX, making it simple, efficient, and informative. 
  • The team structure: On-demand beauty app development isn’t an overnight process. A skilled team has to work in unison in transforming an entrepreneur’s dreams into reality. One may need the help of graphic designers, Android & iOS developers, QA engineers, back-end developers, etc., ultimately adding to the development cost. 


An entrepreneur needs the help of an expert app development company to build an app like Glamsquad. At Appdupe, we help entrepreneurs scale their businesses in the shortest time possible with our budget-friendly solutions. Reach out to us, and we’ll help you transform your visions into an ultra-modern beauty services app.

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