Provisioning Management System

The Importance Of Provisioning Management System For OTT Companies

Provisioning Management System Is A Necessity For Automation Almost all OTT and telecommunication companies are using automation in their networks.

A provisioning management system for telecommunication and OTT networks aids in overseeing the most vital facets of equipping, preparing, and maintaining services for new and current customers. Provisioning refers to the deployment, business-wide configuration, and management of various resources in an information technology infrastructure. The resources need effective management to lower customer churn while increasing profits.

In the olden days, the provisioning process was not maintained using a management system but was manually maintained. This would lead to longer service time while causing many errors that disappoint the customers and frustrating the employees working in the system. Companies like ETI Software provide provisioning management systems to networks that will monitor the user and customer’s access rights. The system also monitors the privacy and security of the data within the network.

Provisioning management fixes some of the biggest problems that most telecommunications companies often face which is human error. Using a manual system increases the possibility of human error at various stages of workflow and pipeline. The error can cause troubles from the customer service to truck roll-out maintenance. By deciding on installing a provisioning management system, businesses will be able to reduce the prevalence of human error while streamlining the whole process. Companies can reduce their costs while improving their effectiveness. This gives way to open doors for more development and innovation.

Provisioning Management System Is A Necessity For Automation

Almost all OTT and telecommunication companies are using automation in their networks. To begin with the automation of the systems, a company must start with the provisioning management system. Automation helps ensure accuracy in the company’s provisioning process. Automation ensures that all the actions related to the customers will run smoothly and problem-free. Many company leaders might be hesitant to use provisioning management systems since they have not tried it before. To be able to stay relevant, companies must learn to innovate. This is why provisioning management will be a great start to move the business towards innovation.

People who are still unsure about provisioning management, need to think about the installation process when a new customer comes in. The process starts by determining the VLANs for fiber connections, as well as the endpoints. This takes place before the provisioning configuration begins. The data must be recorded so that it will be available for future use. The data must include information such as a record of customer-specific information and SAP configurations.

The information has to be accurately recorded and must be kept safe. The recorded information will be applied in various circumstances soon. With all the aforementioned processes, companies who stick to manual information gathering will have a higher possibility of making errors that leads to customer dissatisfaction and breakdown of systems.

Even after the installation is done, the information is relevant whenever the customers need support. If a customer wants to add other services, remove a certain subscription, or change their services, the recorded information will be vital as it will be used by the customer agent to determine the service history of the customer.

Once a customer calls a service agent, the customer service representative will be able to access the information of the customer which will make it easier for the agent to converse with the customer. A provisioning management system allows this ease and convenience in the system which makes the information arranged and simple to comprehend.

One of the most significant benefits of a provisioning management system would be the convenient integration to the billing system. Billing errors are frustrating for customers that might cause churn rates to rise. A proper system and automated network avoids errors from occurring. Even if errors occur, they will be easy to fix with just a few clicks.

Provisioning Management On Devices

Devices are important to customer experience. When the devices are working properly, the service would be fast and smooth. The customer must be able to easily navigate and interact with any device. Some problems may arise but customer service representatives will have the right tools to help the customer and address their concerns. Provisioning management devices gives a better overview of customer problems, making it easier to solve them. A network without provisioning management will become costly later on as the errors will pile up and can lead to company revenue loss if not addressed properly.

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