Change QuickBooks License Number

The Progressive Guide to Change QuickBooks License Number

When you upgrade to a more recent version of QuickBooks Desktop, you're needed to change QuickBooks license number to register the newest product. it'd be confusing for the users once it involves changing the license number and product code when the merchandise upgrade. 


When you upgrade to a more recent version of QuickBooks Desktop, you're needed to change QuickBooks license number to register the newest product. it'd be confusing for the users once it involves changing the license number and product code when the merchandise upgrade. 

Every year once a more recent version of QuickBooks is launched, users begin checking out “How do I modify my QuickBooks License Number?” or “How do I Add a License to QuickBooks?” Once you have got received your license registration key and therefore the new product variety, it's quite simple to enter the merchandise registration info in QuickBooks. This tutorial can show you a gradual technique to vary the license and products vary in QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online Accounting is only the simplest way to manage your business.

Difference between QuickBooks Product and license number

Before following the steps below to vary the QuickBooks registration info, certify you have got received each product key and therefore the license key together with your new QuickBooks version. you'll realize product registration info in an email if you have got purchased the merchandise on-line or within the box if purchased off-line from a product merchant. The QuickBooks product variety is employed to work out the manufacturer of the merchandise and channel of the software package, whereas the license number is employed to verify the genuineness of software package as a license code.

NOTE: To verify this license variety number and products number of your QuickBooks product, you'll be able to visit the QuickBooks Product info page by pressing the F2 key on your keyboard when gap the QuickBooks Desktop application.

Steps to vary QuickBooks license number only

For the Windows operating system

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop and click on the assistance tab.

  2. Select Manage My License and so hit modification My license number.

  3. Type the New license number and so click Next.

  4. Hit end and restart the Windows.

IMPORTANT: QuickBooks won't fetch the updated license info till you restart your pc and you may get a slip message “You’ve exceeded the utmost variety of users United Nations agency will access the corporate file at one time” if you're mistreatment QuickBooks in multi-user mode. therefore certify to restart the server pc when putting in the new license number.

STEPS to vary each QUICKBOOKS LICENSE and products variety

Step 1: Open QuickBooks Registration File

For Windows software

If you're trying to find some way to update the QuickBooks product registration info i.e., the number and therefore the product code while not reinstalling or removing the appliance then you'll be able to edit the QuickBooks registration file that's named as qbregistration.dat placed in QuickBooks installation directory. Following are the steps to edit the QuickBooks registration file.

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and press the F2 key to open the merchandise info window.

  • Now press F3 to open the tech facilitate window.

  • Go to the Open File tab and so double-click the qbregistration.dat file from the list.

IMPORTANT: Before writing the file, certify to require a backup of the QuickBooks registration file to avoid QuickBooks registration errors. Even one typo will prompt errors whereas gap QuickBooks therefore, it's quite essential to avoid any mistakes created whereas creating the changes to the qbregistration.dat file.

  • Once you get the file opened within the text editor click Save as from the File tab.

  • Select a location on your pc and click on Save.

  • Open the qbregistration.dat file another time from the tech help window.

  • Exit QuickBooks Desktop application effort the QuickBooks registration file opened.

  • Manually you'll be able to also open the QuickBooks registration file by navigating to the QuickBooks installation folder.

  • The file is typically saved within the C:\ Program Data\ Common Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks

Step 2: QuickBooks Registration File – Description

QuickBooks registration file stores info of all the previous versions of QuickBooks that you simply have put in earlier. the subsequent terms specify the merchandise version and edition within the qbregistration.dat file:

VERSION variety

  • 26.0 -> 2016 version

  • 27.0 -> 2017 version

  • 28.0 -> 2018 version

  • 29.0 -> 2019 versio


  • Superpro -> QuickBooks Premier

  • Pro -> pro version of QuickBooks Desktop

  • Accountant -> QuickBooks Premier for controller

  • Bel -> QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Belacct -> QuickBooks Enterprise answer controller Edition

  • InstallID -> Product Code in XXX-XXX format.

  • LicenseNumber -> QuickBooks license number in XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX format.

Step 3: Edit qbregistration.dat File

  • Find the version of your QuickBooks Desktop within the file.

  • Change the InstallID of the several product version with the new product code.

  • Now modification the number within the text and certify that you simply don't modification the other text within the file.

  • Click Save from below the File tab at the highest.

  • Close the file and restart the Windows.

  • Now to verify the changes open QuickBooks and press the F2 key to open the merchandise info window.

  • Make sure the merchandise variety and therefore the number displayed within the window is matching with the merchandise registration info that you simply have entered.

IMPORTANT: If QuickBooks remains displaying the previous product code and a number even when creating the changes within the qbregistration.dat file, then you may get to install QuickBooks to update license and products info in QuickBooks.

Steps to Update QuickBooks License and products variety on mack

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop on your Mac computer.

  • Click Manage My License from the QuickBooks section.

  • Now hit Deauthorize This pc.

  • Once you get the confirmation popup click Deauthorize and Quit.

  • Now open the QuickBooks Desktop once more, and it'll raise you –to complete the registration method to begin mistreatment QuickBooks.

  • Enter the new product registration info and follow the directions displayed on the screen to complete the registration method.

NOTE: just in case if you get errors whereas registering QuickBooks on your Windows pc, then you'll be able to follow the directions mentioned in our article on the way to fix QuickBooks Registration Errors.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you change QuickBooks license and product number while not reinstalling or uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop from your pc. You can contact the QuickBooks Proadvisor team. If you will face any kind of error to performing these steps.


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