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Three Ideal Fridge In BD - Buyer’s Guide

To keep our food and veggies fresh for an extended period, and also to maintain our beverages and yogurt cold, a Fridge price in Bangladesh is crucial.

When it comes to home appliances, a fridge is among essential things in any kitchen. In our hectic lives, it is inconvenient to buy groceries or prepare food daily. To keep our food and veggies fresh for an extended period, and also to maintain our beverages and yoghurt cold, a Fridge price in Bangladesh is crucial. Purchasing a fridge is a problem good on May cost big money, and the power consumption of the fridge is large as well. So, while picking a Fridge, it is vital to think about energy efficiency.

We research, evaluate, and compare the newest fridge so that you can save yourself money and time. We enormously urge you to research the “Fridge Buying Guide" after the article to get an in-depth understanding of all the most recent fridge technologies.

Finest Fridge in Bangladesh 2020

In the time of writing this article, the purchase price of the fridge has been calculated based on the actual cost of these companies' logbooks. Because of that, the fees may seem more fantastic. However, in the market, you'll receive at least 20% -25% reductions on each product.

Hitachi 262 Liters Frost Free Double Door Fridge

Hitachi is an almost every house in Bangladesh has one Hitachi merchandise. Better known for its reliability, Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh have some of the finest compressors in the industry. This fridge includes delectable features. It qualifies among the most excellent fridge less than 45,000 BDT in Bangladesh today.

- Frost-free

- Smart Inverter Compressor

- One-year extensive warranty on the product

- Additional nine years guarantee on the compressor

The highlight of the Hitachi fridge is your wise inverter compressor. This compressor is produced to deliver more extraordinary performance when making a protracted freshness retention period. At precisely the same time, it makes the least sound. The refrigerator comes with multiple airflow cooling vents that distribute cold air to every part of the fridge. Therefore, it ensures uniform cooling and maintains freshness for a very long time retains its tryst with technological advancements by introducing the intelligent Diagnosis feature in this refrigerator. It will help diagnose any problem that the fridge could experience. It joins using a mobile app in your smartphone to ship an SOS signal and transfer information, thus making it easy for the service centre to rectify the issue. This fridge highlights the Auto Smart Connect technology that mixes the fridge to the house inverter whenever there is a power outage. Therefore, it aids in maintaining the freshness of their food. Keeping the moisture balance is critical for preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables that you place within the vegetable box. Hitachi refrigerator price in Bangladesh comes with an advanced lattice-pattern box cover to keep the optimum amount of moisture inside the refrigerator. In any case, this fridge comes with sufficient storage space to maintain acceptable 2L water bottles in the racks.


- Smart Inverter compressor conserves electricity

- Compatible With home inverter system

- Smart Diagnosis feature

- Assessing Moisture qualities


- Many Customers have reported unsatisfactory after-sales service

Samsung 255 Liters Inverter Frost Free Double Door Fridge

Samsung is a notable actress in the Bangladesh domestic scene. Samsung has generated a number of the best electronics products in Bangladesh through the years. This fridge, using its high-class attributes if rival the Hitachi refrigerator discussed earlier as among the best Fridge in Bangladesh under BDT 38,000.

- Frost-free Fridge

- Digital Inverter Compressor

- Maximum Cooling retention

- One-year Warranty about the product

- Ten Decades On the breaker

Samsung fridge price in Bangladesh draws its electricity from a high-quality electronic ignition compressor. This compressor not only produces less noise but also saves energy. Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh comes with an inbuilt stabilizer function that eliminates using an external stabilizer. It can handle input voltage in the selection of 100V to 300V. Multiple airflow vents inside the fridge ensure there is free circulation of cold air inside the appliance. This continuous stream of cold air enables under floor heating. Secondly, this refrigerator comes with exceptional technology, Cool Pack/Cool Wall that can keep the food things inside the freezer clean for a maximum of 12 hours during a power. This Samsung Fridge has a 5-star appliance, thereby effecting adequate power savings without needing to forfeit its functionality level. This fridge is among the most energy-efficient appliances within its category. The Moist Fresh Zone inside the Fridge controls the airflow inside the machine to keep optimal humidity. It empowers us to preserve the freshness of the vegetables and fruits stored within the vegetable box. Another fascinating feature is that the movable ice manufacturer to guarantee the rapid formation of ice hockey. The toughened glass racks can hold up to 160kg of load. Therefore, it can manage the majority of cooking utensils easily. The easy-slide shelf attribute allows the user to discover and reach for the food placed at the trunk. A handy LED light brightens the fridge interiors to make it easy to look out for your food at night. The ergonomic layout of the handle is another talking point of this fridge. A few of the other noteworthy features include Power Cool/Freeze alternatives and Fresh Room to store your consumable food items.


- High-quality Cooling performance

- Efficient Digital inverter compressor

- Cool Wall Technology to look after power cuts

- Can handle High voltage fluctuations


- People have complained of a No-replacement policy

Whirlpool 266 Liters Inverter Frost Free Double Door Fridge

Whirlpool is an ideal competitor to Hitachi and Samsung because of its high popularity ratings amongst customers. Having earned a name for itself from the customer appliances category, Whirlpool has introduced among the greatest Fridges in Bangladesh under BDT 44,000. This refrigerator includes excellent features such as,

- 266-litre Capability with Frost Free technology

- Convertible Freezer with 5-in-1 manners

- Adaptive Intelligence Technology

- Intelligence Inverter Technology for higher efficacy

- One-year warranty on the appliance

- Ten Decades On the breaker

The 5-in-1 Mode convertible freezer is just one of the highlights of this Whirlpool Fridge. This fridge, powered by adaptive intelligence, includes the following modes to deliver high-quality performance.

- All-season Mode

- Chef Mode

- Dessert Mode

- Party Mode

- Deep Freeze Mode

The Adaptive Intelligence feature works towards saving power when providing a high-quality appearance. It feels the load and weather conditions together with the usage pattern to correct the performance of the compressor, thereby saving precious energy. The Intelligence Inverter Technology senses the internal load and adjusts the heating system performance. Therefore, the consumer receives the maximum efficiency together with a high-quality version. Zeolite Technology prevents the excess ripening of fruits and veggies while maintaining their freshness amounts. The Micro Block technology employs a unique anti-microbial additive which inhibits 99% bacterial increase to keep the veggies and fruits fresh for prolonged periods. The specially designed atmosphere tower with Flexi vents ensures the correct distribution of cold air throughout the fridge. Deep freezer price in Bangladesh features a freshonizer functionality that reduces oxidation to keep the freshness of vegetables and fruits. The vegetable crisper comes with a Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology to ensure optimal freshness of food supported within the vegetable box. Refrigerator price in Bangladesh is compatible with the house. It can connect into the domestic inverter in the case of a power cut.


- The Convertible freezer makes it possible for the refrigerator to expand its storage room to satisfy the requirements of families

- Compatible With home

- Minimum Sound

- Capable of producing ice inside one hour


- The fridge includes a low width, thereby making it difficult to place large utensils inside it.

- Customers have complained of poor after-sales service.

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