Erectile Dysfunction

Top 5 major reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

Feels of your hardness against their most sensitive areas transports them into a magical unicorn island. Once your strong, solid erection touches their pleasure areas it leaves them dripping wet and long to have your erection inside them making them feel full and satisfied. it is all about his stamina that keeps his manliness intact.

  Today, people are so obsessed with money and power that they often overlook their health conditions. Be it a man or a woman, health should be a priority over any ambition because as they say, “You can’t even take a dime on your way back to oblivion!” talking About health, we often shy away from talking about our sexual health. For a man, it is all about his stamina that keeps his manliness intact. Let us face it, a Healthy routine helps in maintaining the stamina for anyone irrespective of their gender.
It has been observed that men generally shy away from talking about the biggest sexual inabilities i.e. Erectile Dysfunction. ED issue in men is highly common where there are roughly 10 million cases reported officially in India itself. An independent site conducted a survey where more than 30 million men were affected by it. But before we start talking about it, what is erectile dysfunction? It is the inability of a man to hold erection enough for the sexual intercourse. For people who think it can be just a phase, let me tell you, it can be chronic and might  last lifelong. The good news about ED issue in men is that it is self diagnosable. Only, 20% of people face it due to a psychological disorder. Therefore, there is ample room for possibility of ED due to physical conditions. It is caused due to a reduced blood flow and nerve functioning that fails to keep erection in men during sex. Now there are various causes of ED in men and there is a cure for them too.

Let us look into the medical reasons:

 Diabetes
Diabetes is one of the leading reasons for ED as it can damage blood vessels, nerve cells and muscles. It can be diagnosed with symptoms like pain, irresponsiveness andloss of sensitivity in hands and feet. These symptoms often lead to ED as nerve signals and proper blood flow is required for erection. Since diabetes is common among middle-aged men, maximum ED issue in men is observed in this age. In case one is facing these symptoms, immediate doctor’s advice must be sought.

 Heart Disease
In case of coronary artery diseases, the blood flow through arteries is limited. It causes chest pain and might block the arteries due to its hardening. The arteries that supply blood to the penis are much smaller as compared to the ones for heart, causing erection issues. Therefore, erectile dysfunction at an early age can be sign of heart disease. In case of ED issue in men, proper diagnosis  by doctor must be done to inspect the any possibility of cardio-vascular diseases.


 Prostate Cancer
This cannot cause ED issue in men, but the process of its medication can. Therapies 
like radiation treatments, hormone therapies and in advanced stages when Prostate gland has to be removed. In such cases, the person might face difficulty in maintaining erection. Problems related to erection in men due to prostate cancer are mostly short-
lived but there have been appreciable cases when the issues have continued for a longer period of time.

 Kidney Disease
Kidney disorders have often proved to be fatal for humans. It can cause hormonal 
imbalance, reduced blood flow or a nervous syndrome. Coordination between all of them maintains erection in men which can be cured with a healthy water regime and clearing one’s bladders regularly!+

 Neurological Problems
This reason is the most underrated one. However, a healthy mind can bring out a 
healthy intercourse session. Some of the notable problems are Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and MS (multiple sclerosis) that can lead to ED as they interfere with
brain’s ability to relate pleasure with reproductive system.



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