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Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks For 2021

This is the era of technology and it is evolving at a very high speed with the new trends and advancements. As we have seen the worst part of 2020, how it has been brutally hited by the covid 19 pandemic.

It has not only affected the single nation with its ill effects but the entire globe. The consequences of this drastic virus have changed the work scenario of various sectors including web development. But despite all this negativity, web development is one of the emerging global industries which are moving forward in the year 2021.


So, the programmers and developers are more focused upon the new trends in the field of web technologies and JavaScript to work on the front-end development in this New Year 2021.


There was a time when Basic was one of the most used languages by the programmers and developers. After that Pascal came and it has replaced Basic. Simultaneously C and Java came into consideration and the rest is history.



A multi-paradigm language that supports different programming styles which comprises imperative, event-driven as well as functional. If we talk about the imperative programming language then it includes both object-oriented and prototype-based. Gone are the days when JavaScript was only used for the client-side. But for now the server-side programming language can be also used with this.



JavaScript Framework what is it?


The JavaScript framework comes under an application framework that is used by programmers. It is written in JavaScript which can be easily modified when any of the changes are required. The framework of the software offers generic functionality which can be manipulated by additional user-written code.


The JavaScript framework comes under a tool that makes the work easier with JavaScript. When it comes to designing websites, frameworks play a very important role here. And this is the reason why web developers prefer to use this when designing and developing websites.


The other reason which makes the JavaScript framework more popular is the device responsiveness when the programmer wants to code the application. No doubt JavaScript is one of the high-level machine languages and very easy to learn. This will not be wrong if we say JavaScript is the language of the web.


Is it your dream to make your career as a developer or software engineer? Then it will become a little bit difficult for you to choose the language, framework, and so many things. But learning the JavaScript’s framework will help you to make your journey easy and close to your goal.



Why do we need a JavaScript Framework?


Yes, this question is genuine. Why do we require the JavaScript framework? And what is its importance?


If we look at the several reports from the well popular platforms such as Stack Overflow and Statista then JavaScript has beaten all behind in terms of top ranking long list of the programming languages.


It was all about 2020, but if we see the year 2021 then again there are many of the positive vibes we are getting.  And surely it will be going to rule this year as well.


It is highly appreciated by a large group of developers and is one of the most demanding languages of time. The biggest reason for this is, it supports both the client-side as well as the server-side development.


We can't deny the fact today that JavaScript is one of the highest rating web scripting programming languages in the whole globe. Every business firm requires a good website to make their visibility to potential customers so that they can know about the brand and services they are offering.


So, we can say there are more than 1 billion websites that are running on the internet, and the language which is used while designing the websites by most of the developers is JavaScript.



So, here we have discussed the most popular JavaScript frameworks for the New Year 2021. Doesn't matter if you are at the very beginning of the journey where you have kept your first step in the field of programming. Let's start the JavaScript Framework list which is going to boom in the year 2021…...


Top JavaScript Frameworks For 2021


  1. React.js Framework


This particular framework was introduced in the year 2003. It is one of the most popular frameworks by Facebook. This has given rise to native development. This includes programmers from various communities who target to work on the reusable components. When it comes to single-page applications, creating small applications for the businesses, or using a cross-platform development then it is the best JavaScript framework.


The React JS framework possesses various adorable features a few of them are mentioned below.


  • With this framework, it becomes very simple to develop UI for most of the devices.
  • This comprises multiple components which can be operated with their own access, control as well as logic.
  • There is nothing to worry about the data flow as it is completely unidirectional.
  • With the help of JSX file, app code is easily readable and highly understandable.


  1. Angular.js Framework


Talking about this framework is quite complicated and this is one of the reasons that below React. It's an all-time versatile framework that includes a few of the elements such as CLI, binding dependency based upon the two-way mode, typescript support. But the best benefit it is providing when there is a need to create large-scale applications.


The mesmerizing features of the Angular.js framework are mentioned below.


  • When there is a need to do the synchronization then two-way data binding supports the DOM and the model.
  • The XML HttpRequest and other inbuilt services are highly supported by this specific framework that’s why we can say this will be one of the most emerging frameworks in the year 2021.
  • The built-in directives are also offered by the Angular JS framework.
  • The developer can easily build, understand and perform the evaluation with the different applications with the built-in dependency injection.


3. Vue.js framework


Worried about the frontend of applications, how to use them? Then the Vue.js framework is all the solution you need to go ahead with. The popularity of this JS framework relies on the fact of its reusability, typescript support as well as documentation. The simplicity and flexibility make it more unique from the other frameworks. To make the MVP faster the Vue.js is the best.


 Features of the Vue.js framework


  • It highly supports the virtual DOM.
  • HTML templates are offered by the Vue.js framework.
  • It comprises various components the basic one is the reusable elements when it comes to building the custom ones.
  • Changing the style, classes for setting, and assigning the values to HTML is not difficult with the Vue.js framework.


4. Ember.js Framework


Multiple numbers of web applications can be created easily with the Ember.js framework. This is completely based upon the open-source form. There is nothing wrong with adaptability and flexibility as it is highly supportive. If you want to generate the Ember or any other tools then this will prove itself the best one. According to the developer’s and programmer’s reviews, it offers various components and layouts and with the help of all these tools, it becomes easy to build the own HTML tags for the specific apps. With this, the backend architecture makes the process simpler while designing and developing the website.


Features processed by Ember.js framework


  • It is based on open source.
  • The Java scripts can be easily built with this which can be later reused and maintained.
  • The central model such as HTML and CSS can be utilized with this.
  • The Ember.js firmware consists of templates that can be automatically updated when the modification with the content is done.


5. Backbone.js library


If you want to build structured client-side applications and build them then Backbone JS library firmware will be the best choice for web browsers. This framework converts the data sheets into models, Doms into views, and all of them can be easily bound with the events.


If you want to do less coding with an adorable design then the Backbone Js framework is the perfect solution. To escape from the messing up of the app codes the communication is done through the events. There is not much hustling when it comes to building the app as it makes it more simple and easy to maintain.


Here we have mentioned the features of the Backbone.js library framework:


  • It is based upon one-page applications and also the frontend JavaScript functionality.
  • Models, views, routers, and multiple numbers of blocks, as well as client-side apps, are offered by the Backbone.js library framework.
  • The underscore.js and the jQuery have a soft dependency with the reliance firm.
  • There is no issue with the organized format as it allows the mobile apps as well as building the client-side.
  • Open source as well as free.
  • The extensions are available over 100.


6. Meteor.js framework


It is one of the best Backend JavaScript frameworks. It takes very little time to build a backend. This is the reason why many of the developers who work with the frontend can also operate the backend without getting confused with the programming languages like Python, PHP, etc. Single language is used every time.



Best features of Meteor.js framework


  • The same code is used for Smartphone’s, desktop apps, and the web.
  • Real-time web applications and open-source IDevE are supported with this framework.
  • Building the web pages with full-stack features can be done with this.
  • Backbone.js, Bootstrap, and many other requisite packages are offered.
  • It has live browser reloading.


Wrapping Up


None of the frameworks will fit perfectly into your projects as each one is different and unique. It depends upon the requirements and the choice of the technology you have made.


Every framework has some pros and cons, the thing you need to do is check out the features you desire.


As the trends are always changing from time to time so be updated with the latest trends.

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