Top 6 lesser-known SEO tools in the market right now

SEO tools can help you with your journey for free ongoing organic search traffic. Still, it can take your money and time to find the most appropriate SEO tools.

According to Search Engine Land, the SEO industry is worth $65 Bn. The time that SEO was deemed a passing trend had faded fast. Now even the non-techie modern-day entrepreneur understands the importance of search engine traffic.

Many SEO tools can help you with your journey for free ongoing organic search traffic. Still, it can take your money and time to find the most appropriate SEO tools.

Six Best SEO Tools

1 - SpyFu

SpyFu, which is a search analytics company, was also known as GoogSpy when it was founded. The primary application of SpyFu as a tool is to improve and organize SEO and PPC of the website. This tool is used to spy on the website of one'sone's competitor. SpyFu gives all the necessary and unnecessary information about it. Starting from the total number of keywords that the competitor has bought or bid, how much clicks each of the keywords have got, etc.

SpyFu also helps their customer in organizing this massive pile of data simply so that you can exactly know how the competitor has received such popularity. With the help of its unique content analysis tool, SpyFu helps you conduct your AdWords campaign and modify it concerning the more popular keywords. With the help of SpyFu, you can remain more active on the Internet and search engines.

2 - Serpstat

Serpstat is a five in one tool which helps to automate the SEO process. These tools include Position Tracking, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Research, Site Audit, and competitor research. Serpstat is the only tool that helps you to track your project status, user history, and complete analytics. Serpstat is one of the best tools for SEO and analytics expert, PPC specialists, Content Managers, and Digital Marketers.

Serpstat provides you the unique report of your project and marketing statistics that will pinpoint the errors or mistakes and help you market your product in a better way. Serpstat also provides you the crucial information about your competitors and give you the right most advice to increase your sales compared to them. Serpstat is used by a majority of the small as well as big digital marketing agencies, SEO specialists, Freelancers, and people working on their projects.

3 - Grammarly

"Grammarly," as the name suggests, is a tool to check grammatical errors that we make while writing anything in English. Correcting grammatical errors is just one function of Grammarly. Apart from this, it also checks spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, sentence formation, and plagiarism. It also suggests the most appropriate word to be written while making a sentence. These features are free users. Grammarly provides much more to its premium users.

It is one of the best tools for the writer who write different types of content, such as Technical, Academic, Business, Medical, Casual, and Creative Content. It also helps you to enhance vocabulary in your content. With the help of Grammarly plug-in, you can add it to the Facebook account, emails, and even word so that wherever you write the content, Grammarly is always there to correct the errors. It also provides the facility of proofreading. 

4 - Article Builder

Article Builder is a tool that helps you build your article in the way you want. The main three functions of article builder are to create articles, inject the keywords, and post it on the blog you want. It is a highly automated tool that will help your website or blog to come up over the search engine and increase the traffic.

With the help of Article Builder, you can build an article in any category with the number of word counts you want. By selecting the super spun content checkbox, you can build articles with up to 90% originality. The inject content feature helps you inject essential paragraphs that will help you make your article unique and full of important keywords. And as the last step, you can select the rb_blog and website from the list and schedule your posting time and duration so that Article Builder will post your article from time to time. 

5 - Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is used to rewriting the same article many times but, at the same time, making sure that each article is unique. Spin Rewriter uses the unique ENL semantic spinning algorithm to build all of these articles. With the help of Spin Rewriter, you can generate thousands of articles in just minutes.

All you have to do is to select the type of article, and it will show you hundreds of different articles with different keywords and a total number of words. It automatically checks the plagiarism using the Copyscape tool. The last step is to select the number of articles you want, and it'll generate those articles in seconds. Spin Rewriter helps you increase the daily active users on your website with over 50000 users on just a single website. Apart from this, using this tool, you can earn more than $300 from AdSense alone. 

6 - Tera Peak

Tera peak is a tool used to increase online sales for the sellers selling on e-commerce websites. It answers the most common and basic questions of the sellers selling products online for the first time, as well as the most experienced seller. It helps you find various opportunities in the world of e-commerce by telling you the most fundamental things a seller needs to know.

It tells you which product is the fastest-selling product in the global market. Or you can select the category of products in which you want to deal, and it'll tell you the best product in that category. It also suggests you, sellers, from different websites that can provide you the product at the wholesale price. Tera peak also shows you the sale stats of any product on the e-commerce websites so that you can decide where you should sell your product.


There are many more SEO tools that one can use and gain a competitive advantage over competitors. These tools will help you to optimize your on-page as well as off-page SEO. 

They will help you rewrite all your descriptions and turning them into something that fits your niche and taking the thing that you have learned from these lesser-known  SEO tools and making adjustments.

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