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Top B2B mobile apps for business (2021)

To run a B2B business is not an easy thing. This is because, most of the time, different challenges arise. It could be an issue to coordinate both the management and the team members.

These challenges entail attracting potential customers, finances, and hiring new employees. Many activities need close monitoring to gain successful results.

Besides, organizing and scheduling meetings is a challenging task. This takes place since it is not easy keeping track of the time. All these instances are made more accessible by the use of B2B mobile apps. They are structured such that they provide absolute convenience and efficiency.

Here are the top B2B mobile apps for your business.


It is a handy application that entails digital signature issues. It also allows the business owner to pass their contracts. That means you sign into digital agreements at any given time, receipts, or any other sensitive data. 


Social media is not the only platform for B2B business. It helps monitor your business at a close range about the user's concerns. With massive B2B applications, development processes mean your business will thrive. You can merge social media development services in this single app. This is because these platforms update all the events taking place in your industry.

Hootsuite is one of the best suit platforms for your B2B business. It fulfills all the requirements. With it, you can supervise several social media accounts. That way, you enhance your leads to better sales.

LinkedIn pulse

It is a very organized platform that collects all the relevant news about your company. Besides that, it gets your personalized interests in one place. Many companies are in search of people who can develop mobile apps. It will help them gather bites and a skilled approach.

The use of LinkedIn is a fast way to have a business trend across the world. It allows your business platform to coordinate with each other. It supports the likes, comments and shares your information with ease. The data will reach out to all your connected people.


Using this app, you can never miss out on a meeting or any event. This app allows you to host and attend meetings at your mobile phone's comfort. It organizes the meetings with ease. You can also share messages, files, or videos of the conference with the connected users.

WebEx has influenced the development of mobile applications. It helps you sync with the connected members. It is a crucial app! Your dispersed members who are at different locations will still get the information.

Voice text

Dealing with many tasks is hard or nearly impossible. Use this app to track all the ideas required. You can use the app as a B2B business owner when it is hard to text. Voice text can quickly transcribe your voice into a written message. Then, send the content to the concerned parties.

It has a clipboard where you can copy and paste your content to any application with ease. Many businesses need you to hire mobile app developers. These will satisfy their requirements. You can use this app to send information to anyone at a faster rate.

Google drive

It is a favorable mobile app for many people. It helps you keep your information safer and accessible with ease. Google Drive supports files of different types. These include photos, charts, designs, recordings, words, documents, etc. It has a large storage of 15 GB. That way, your workers who are Google drive users can access the data with ease.

One of the most outstanding Google drive advantages is that its users can access it with ease. This makes it the most suitable to manage your business processes. You can control it even when you are not in your office.


This mobile app allows its users to run audio and meetings. It enables it to share direct content. As a B2B business owner, you can send and receive messages. It helps you have vital information with ease. This can be shared as images, links, documents, or any other type of information. It will help you keep track of the next step.


This app helps you keep notes and send them to your team members. This is a daily routine for many businesses, and yours is not special. The Everyone app allows business owners to take notes as they multitask. You can do it while clipping, capturing images, photos, and any content. After that, the application will enable you to search with ease through jumbled and personal words.


You may need to send long emails to your clients, but you find it hard. Or perhaps you are not at your workstation. That means you will need urgent files at that particular time. The B2B mobile apps came into place so that they can help address these problematic situations. You can rely on the app to hasten the processes that take place in your firm. The apps are designed in a way that delivers significant results. Also, they help access the kind of document stored in them. 

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