Top eWallet to use in 2020

For many people, the eWallet app is the only medium to pay. In this blog, know top eWallet apps which you can use in 2020 to actualize effortless payment.

Technology has dramatically changed our daily life. In fact, it makes us say no to some of the things which we never thought of putting away. Thanks to advanced and affordable technology, we are rewarded with very groundbreaking products which help us to live effortlessly. One such thing is the eWallet. It is basically a mobile app which we can install on our mobile phone and whenever we have to pay for utility bills or any other things, we can pay very painlessly from that mobile app. Since many people recognize the fact that carrying an eWallet in the mobile is convenient than carrying the credit/debit card, more and more new eWallet apps are hitting the market. 


However, not all eWallets make your life easy. Some will provide fewer features, leak your data and offer you very poor customer support and user experience. Thus, in this blog, I will list down top eWallets which have been leading the chart throughout the year 2019 and expected to grow at the same pace in the year 2020. 


But before we I reveal the list, it is worth mentioning that working of all eWallet apps is similar. But their feature set, user experience, reward program and customer service are different and this is what draws a  line between best eWallet and any other eWallet. 


  1. Google Wallet or Google Pay 


Google Pay or Google Wallet is the best eWallet available in the market to use. Since it is the product of Google, it is very reliable. Additionally, It has one of the best reward programs which help you save a bit. By adding your bank account to Google eWallet, you can pay online or even at the point of sale system. If your mobile is equipped with NFC, you can pay by just tapping your phone to point of sale system. 


The reason why you should use Google Pay is because of its military-grade security. Whenever you pay using Google-Pay, it creates the virtual card number and bank account number and shares those virtual numbers with the merchant rather than the original card number to avoid any security breach. You can download Google Wallet free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  


  1. Venmo   


Venmo is another very popular and unique eWallet. Using Venmo, people can transfer money via mobile number. However, it is only available in the USA. Apart from all common features, this eWallet accommodates a very unique feature - Facebook-like news feed. This feature enables users to be friends of other users, see their payment activities and split bills easily between friends. So, if you go for a party or trips with friends frequently, this app help you split the bill, shares it with all friends and accept payment from them. 


  1.  Due 


Due to many reasons, ‘Due’ eWallet has secured its place in our list. It is the next generation of eWallet to drive more business and revenue. It offers online invoicing, bill pay, cost splitting, time tracking, and cryptocurrency exchange. Because of its versatile feature set, we can use this eWallet for both individuals as well as business purposes. Online and offline payment capability, cloud-based system, technical support through live chat and telephone, encrypted personal and financial data are some other features of the Due eWallet. However, if you use Due app for the commercial purpose, you have to pay 2.8% flat fee on every transaction.  


  1. Chase Pay 


Chase Pay eWallet is from world’s one of the largest banks named JPMorgan Chase. Using this app, you can put your all cards, loyalty and rewards in the one place and pay online as well as in stores through the point of sale system. You can use this for business purpose and individual purpose. One of the major benefits of Chase Pay eWallet is that you can link your PayPal account with Chase Pay. 


  1. Coinapult 


If you are looking for specific eWallet for the crypto-currency transfer, Coinapult app is the best choice. It allows users to access bitcoin exchanges as well as send and receive bitcoin from users through text and email. One of the reasons why you should use this app for cryptocurrency transfer is that it does not charge extra to accept payment. You can also use its web version for any kind of transactions related to crypto-currency. 


  1. Famacash 


Famacash is the USA-based company which provides very featured-packed eWallet app named Famacash. It is very purposeful to send money overseas at a very affordable transaction charge. Using this app, you can pay for different utility bills and purchase a gift card. You can also withdraw deposit cash via Famacash merchants. It is available for free to download and install from Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.  


  1. Zelle 


Zelle is the USA-based one of the most popular eWallets. Zelle has tied up with many banks and credit unions. Meaning, users can send and receive money from the app and funds gets transferred from bank to bank. To send money, all you need to do is, link the bank account, add the receiver’s mobile number or bank account number or email id and fund gets transferred from your bank. If the receiver is already enrolled in Zelle, he can get the fund in a minute. And if he is not, he has to follow a few simple steps to accept the payment. 


On Google Play Store, Zelle has more than 30,000 ratings with an average rating of 4.3. 


In the nutshell: 


In today’s digital era, almost every business accepts online payment and gives rewards for paying online. Carrying debit/credit cards physically has become a part of the past as eWallet is much convenient and safe. As of now, there are many eWallet app development companies which develop feature-packed eWallet apps.  An eWallet actualizes the stress-free fund transfer in a few minutes. However, amid the overly intensified market of the eWallet apps, you have to take many things into account before deciding an eWallet. In this blog, we’ve listed top useful and safe eWallet which you can use for day-to-day transactions in the safest way. 


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