Top Instagram Secrets to Gain More Followers and Customers for Health Personal Trainers

social media marketing also helps with branding. However, if you work with customers one-on-one, you need to implement a different social media strategy to pique the interest of local clients.

Is Instagram effective for health personal trainers? Does it benefit a small business of a personal wellness coach? Yes, if you have an online training business, Instagram is the social media tool to help you gain followers, generate leads, and eventually sales. Besides, social media marketing also helps with branding. However, if you work with customers one-on-one, you need to implement a different social media strategy to pique the interest of local clients.

According to an article published on INC, you need to initiate a conversation on the visual social app Instagram to connect with your potential clients. Include stunning images and ask a question for a response from your customers.

Then, the challenge of Instagram marketing is that it’s oversaturated with health and fitness trainers. Therefore, to make your mark on this social channel among numerous experienced trainers is a bit overwhelming. Fret not. Here are the top Instagram secrets to gain followers and customers for health coaches:

Delight your audience with content that adds more value

On Instagram, you need to share outstanding content. When it comes to posting eye-catching photos or videos on this platform, it is fine, but then you must ensure that your visuals add more value to your followers’ lives. When more than 500 million people using the Stories feature of Instagram daily, the content will not be remembered if the same lack real value and substance.

As far as health and fitness is concerned, add value to your followers by posting images and videos of real-life success stories. Your potential clients are impressed by before and after images as well as real-life health achievements like losing weight and fighting obesity. Create such types of Instagram Stories to reach out to your targeted audience and connect with them.

People also like to see photos and videos of healthy diet ideas. Therefore, you can post high-definition images of healthy breakfast, cereals, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Many health or personal trainers are using this strategy consistently to pique audience interest and gain more followers.

Build a one-off voice for your brand

Health and wellness is an extremely competitive niche on social media, especially when it comes to Instagram. There are plenty of persona health trainers with unique brand voices. If you want to establish your branding on Instagram, you need to stand out from the rest for more likes and real Instagram commentson your posts.

Brainstorm how you can make your Instagram and outshine the others in all that noise and clutter. Spend some understanding, what other personal trainers are sharing on Instagram and what value they add to the customers’ lives. Then, look up IG accounts that relate to your area of specialization of health and fitness. For instance, if you have knowledge and experience in helping people fight obesity; make this the primary topic of your Instagram page. Share related content, offer workout tips and weight loss recipes together with before and after images of clients who benefitted from your advice. Then, do not forget to take their permission before sharing before and after visuals.

You may post content related to general health and fitness content, tips, and ideas, but your key focus must be on your core skills. Highlight such content and make it the primary theme of your Instagram page to build a strong base of motivated and targeted fans or followers.

Share nothing but high-definition photos

Instagram is all about stunning visuals and so high-definition images and videos are the basis of your content. Though smartphone clicks are fine, sometimes, you need to take photos using a high-end DSLR camera to make your Instagram photos look more professional. Learn how to improve the photos using editing tools and filters to create the wow factor. Do not overuse filters because that will ruin your photos.

Share relevant images to appeal to your audience. You may use user-generated content for building more engagement on this social app. User-generated content looks more authentic and therefore gains traction on Instagram to attract more followers and potential clients.

You may even share photos of your doing pushups, bench press, and cardio exercises to inspire your followers. Fitness training videos perform very well on Instagram and so you need to make the most out of the same. Do not share selfies though.

When it comes to health and fitness training visuals, they must look curated and professional if you are sharing them in your Instagram feed. On the contrary, if you post behind-the-scenes shots of you doing pushups, click some casual shots to evoke the fun of the activity. Sharing short video clips simple workouts and healthy meals resonate with audiences and boost social media engagement. There are health trainers with decades of experience, who share short workout videos on their Instagram accounts.


Though health and fitness is a highly competitive field, you need to put your best foot forward for gaining more followers and clients on Instagram. Keep these tips in mind to reap the maximum benefits out of your social media strategy.

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