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Top Mobile App Development Frameworks that you must know in 2021

The most helpful Top Mobile App Development Framework that you must know to invest your time and energy in right direction.

Structuring is the most important component if you are building a house you need to first work on its structure just like that mobile application development frameworks play an important role in understanding how to make an app.

A vast majority of the developers tend to completely rely on the frameworks to boost and enhance the performance of the developmental tasks. The designed frameworks are a helping hand any developer need to save the time energy and research. These frameworks make the job easier and efficient end results are guaranteed. To understand which technology fits in your requirement, you must thoroughly check out these best technologies if you are aiming to create a robust mobile application for 2021.

React Native

It was launched by Facebook aiming to resolve the issues developers encounter while working on the architecture of the MVC. The framework has been creating a tremendous buzz in the market ever since it was launched. Many famous and renowned brands like Skype, Walmart and Facebook have been using the reactive native framework for the need of application development. It is technically a framework designed on JavaScript that is known for developing cross platform application.

The renowned features of the react Native are

  • Highly competitive third party plugin feature
  • Support iOS and Android
  • Declarative API for predictive UI
  • Low-code


The next amazing and extraordinary framework that is also launched and used by Google. It is completely an open source and frequently used by developers for the development of cross platform applications. The language used to writer flutter is Dart and it is one of the reliable language. The bigger enterprises tend to used it such as Alibaba, JD finance and Google Ads.

Useful features of Flutter include:

  • The design having built in material
  • APIs rich in motion
  • Amazing support for IOS & Android
  • High performance Application


Xamarin is known for its tremendous support for Windows as well as iOS and Android. Due to its amazing feature it has been widely and globally used by such big giants like World bank. Oli and fresh direct. The approach is simple where it shares a singular code which is based in Ios, Android and windows that helps to saves time. The language used for the development of Xamarin is C## Programming language.


Other features include:

  • SDK manager for Android
  • Competitive diagnostic tools
  • Storyboard files
  • Google emulator manager



The Ionic is known for giving liberty to programmers to build bot interactive and hybrid programming web application along with the cross platform application. It is a crucial framework for building application in both web. Android ad IOS. The biggest feature of the work practice of Ionic is it helps you constantly create applications and deploy to other location at the same time. This app also has a different dimension known as Iconic studio which is very light in weight and quite powerful. You can easily install it and enjoy easy visual development environment.

Ionic has some advanced features:

  • Intuitive UI components
  • Faster development time
  • Powerful & stable development platform
  • Evergreen community of 5 Million developers
  • Complete control over app building



Tis framework is used and practiced across large scale organization like DHS Program, Wikipedia. Similar to other frameworks Phone Gap also enables cross platform development using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. The best component about it is that it reduces the complexity of the language such as JAVA for android and Swift for IOS. This is the basic framework that enables and reduces the gap between native and hybrid apps. PhoneGap is known for its strong backend and its flexibility. It helps programmers to create and developed customized applications.

Some of the Adobe PhoneGap features are:

  • Flexibility to use
  • Easy access to open source
  • Ease of development
  • Competitive and very strong backend



These are only a few of the frameworks that are used by developers. These frameworks are known for its highly competitive and easy to handle features. Other frameworks like Swiftic, Mobile Angular, and Corona are also a few widely and very commonly used frameworks. Everyday having new update and advancement coming in it is very difficult for you to choose and get a hold on latest possible technology. The safest bet is to take an experienced and expert team programmer on board who can handle this all for you.

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