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Type of CV templates you should follow

Tons of samples can be found online, but which ones you should consider we will discuss in this post

We all know how important a good CV is for your professional life. It’s basically your strongest weapon to secure your dream job. Hence, it’s important that you choose the right format to enter your professional history. To avoid these simple mistakes it’s always a good idea to pay a CV writing company with good reviews so that their experts can design your CV in the most professional way. SpartanCV provides best cover letter writing, LinkedIn profiling and CV / resume writing services in UK.

If you decide to write your CV yourself you can go through SpartanCV’s website to access professional CV samples which will help you design your perfect CV. Before you start drafting your CV you should have complete knowledge about the formats of CV and which one would be best for you. Choose the right type of CV format.

There are two main types of popular CV format:

  1. Chronological CV
    this format can be used if:
    - You have experience and skills that relate to the job you are applying to
    - Have a continuous career with no gaps and aim to emphasize career progression
    If you use this format and have gaps in your CV then do justify it with appropriate reasoning.

  2. Skill Based or Functional CV
    This format can be used if:
    - You are planning to shift your career and are willing to show your transferrable skills to the recruiters.
    - You’ve done a series of short-termed jobs and volunteered at various organizations.
    - You have extensive gaps in your professional history. Justify these gaps with proper reasoning’s.


Although Chronological CV and Skill Based CV are very popular some industries may require other types or a combination of different CVs. Other types of CVs are:

  • Hybrid CV
    A mixture of Chronological and Skill based CV. Hybrid can be a good option if you want to draw attention to your skills and achievements, and want to stand out as a candidate in front of the hiring managers.

  • Technical CV
    If you are an IT professional this type might be the best go to format for you. This format highlights your technical skills which are relevant to the roles you are applying to and also includes the soft skills as per the requirement.

  • Creative Industry CV
    if you are an artist or looking for a career in media, marketing, design, journalism or artistic sectors this type will suit you the best. Over the past decade a highly creative CV format is developed to demonstrate your skills and creativity. In this field presentation matters the most, and that’s practically what you will be hired for. Hence, ensure that your CV is structured in logical manner. You can insert your portfolio images and links for the recruiters to go through. However, do not forget that you have about 10 seconds to impress the employers, so keep it relevant and up to the point.

  • Academic CV
    If you wish to pursue your career in academia positions such as a researcher or a professor you should use this format to enter you professional details. This format is different from regular CVs. The length can be longer than 2 pages unlike other CV formats. The length generally depends on your research work. Nevertheless don’t add additional extra information, just keep it precise.
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