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Web Hosting is an Important Feature on the Internet

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When we visit a website, our Internet browser displays a web page that is downloaded from a web server. A website is a collection of many web pages, and in order for visitors to view these pages on the Internet, we need to put them on a web server. Web servers are powerful computers with large hard drives, and web server owners offer the space on their server's hard drive for rent. Now web hosting is a service that provides us with a space on a web server so that visitors can view our website on the Internet.

A web server gives us the possibility to rent our own web space. It offers us storage space (up to certain limits) and bandwidth for what we pay it as rent. Web hosting in Lahore offer us many plans which include different web space and bandwidth depending on the plan we want to buy from them. The more we pay, the more web space and bandwidth we get in return.

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A large web space provider can host thousands of websites on their server. Larger companies have more powerful and multiple servers that can host many websites at once. All these web servers are connected to the Internet with a high-speed Internet connection and stay connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. These companies develop a comprehensive power backup system, HVAC to control temperature, virus detection, and a disaster recovery and data backup facility to provide excellent service to their customers.

Types of Web Hosting:

Hosting can be divided into many types, depending on the resources and type of facilities you want in your package plan. Below are some important types that you may want to know about.

Shared hosting:

In this type, a single web server is shared by many websites. When you buy a shared hosting plan, you get a share of the web space, bandwidth, and other resources of the server. The sharing of websites on the server depends on the performance and storage space of a server. In this type, the server is managed and maintained by the service provider. It is very cheap and many people prefer this type because it meets their needs at a very low price. Shared hosting is very easy to use because the web provider provides a user-friendly environment.

There are two main problems with shared web hosting in Lahore firstly the low security because you share the same server with other people, and secondly the low software and database support.

Dedicated server hosting:

With this type of hosting, you get the entire server for your Web site, and you are the only person who uses all the resources of the server. In this case, the service provider has nothing else to do but take care of the administration and maintenance of the web server and everything else except that this is the property of the client.

Dedicated server hosting is reliable, secure and very fast. It is very costly because you will have a web server on your own and only large organizations can afford it. Since you have all the resources with this type, your website is easily accessible and also 100% reliable.

Root Server Web Hosting:

This type is also known as semi-managed hosting. This is similar to a dedicated server, but with a root server you must control the server itself, and only you alone have access to the server's root directory. It is very flexible and you also get an uninterrupted connection to your server. This type is best for people who need to update their website on a regular basis, but it is also an expensive service.

Co location web hosting:

With this type, the user has their own web server, but it is located in a secure data center of a regular service provider. The advantage of this type is that you get the full resources of your server, and since it is located in a secure data center, your server is monitored and managed by experts to provide a first-class service. With this type, you do not pay for the server, but only for the monitoring service and security provided to your own server in the data center.

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What you need to consider when buying a web hosting plan:

If you want to buy a plan from any hosting provider, you need to know the following things before you buy a web hosting plan

Price and duration of the service:

First of all, it is important to check the price of the plan depending on the duration and services offered by the provider. Remember that each web service provider offers different packages with different prices and service levels.

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