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What are the advantages of Invisalign Braces over Traditional Wire Braces?

Wire metal braces are quick to be a thing of the past! Invisalign treatment is fast becoming the number one

Wire metal braces are quick to be a thing of the past! Invisalign treatment is fast becoming the number one brace solution in the world. Invisalign orthodontist near me knows that the Invisalign brace technology is better for their patients than traditional metal braces, which is why they are investing in the training to make the Invisalign orthodontist brace technology available to their patients. Here are the top reasons why Invisalign works better for patients than traditional wire braces:


1 . Comfort


The very first benefit of Invisalign near me is comfortable. The Invisalign braces are made with soft plastic trays which are more comfortable for the mouth rather than wired braces.  Invisalign braces work by applying pressure to the teeth to gradually shift them into place. It requires less pressure than wire braces.


2 . Cosmetics dentistry



The most prominent benefit of Invisalign braces near me is that they offer you the most grateful pleasing way to straighten your teeth. Wire braces are shown for everyone and they know that you are in the process of straightening your teeth and this may lead to embarrassing you. With Invisalign braces, you can align your teeth and no one will even have to know.

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3 . Easy to Keep Clean Invisalign braces


With Invisalign, you can clean your dental Invisalign trays and your own teeth for a clean mouth feeling without any hassle, just as if you weren’t undergoing treatment at all.


4 . No Food Restrictions


With traditional metal braces, you have to restrict your eating habits like you can’t eat hard food so that you don’t chew any foods that may harm the appliance. Adult orthodontics near me gives you information about what to eat. Gum and similar foods are automatically not allowed with traditional metal braces because they can stick to the equipment. Tough to chew foods are also commonly restricted because they can damage the wires. With Invisalign, whenever you eat you can remove the plastic trays, so there’s no fear that you may destroy the trays or that you may get anything stuck to the trays. The benefit is you can straighten your teeth without having to worry about not eating the foods you love!


5 . Faster


Invisalign is also faster treatment than traditional metal braces. Metal braces take an average of almost 3 years. And that’s not even the largest that braces may take. At their worst, and requirement of teeth, some metal braces can take up to eight years to straighten teeth. With Invisalign, the treatment necessitates one year on the low end and eighteen months on the high end. Orthodontist Invisalign braces are much faster than metal braces.


6 . Fewer Office Visits


With traditional metal wire braces, you have to come back into the dentist clinic as often as every six weeks, seldom more, to have your braces tightened and adjusted in order to gradually align the teeth. With Invisalign, you have a kit of trays, and every two weeks you just put in the next tray in the set. There is no need to go back to the dentist office every two weeks to get your next tray or for you to see the Invisalign locations dentist has adjusted. Only rare and short visits to the dentist are required to monitor your progress.


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