Training Heads

What Are the Advantages of Using Training Heads?

Training Heads are handy when you want to improve your makeup skills. It costs you some money, but you get a lot of benefits. If you're still in doubt about the necessity of getting a practice makeup model, here are the advantages to go with buying one.

Training Heads are handy when you want to improve your makeup skills. It costs you some money, but you get a lot of benefits. If you're still in doubt about the necessity of getting a practice makeup model, here are the advantages to go with buying one.

When you purchase Training Heads, you will get unlimited practice time. Whether or not you want to start training your skills isn't up to the person playing the role model helper. Sometimes they are busy and sometimes only half an hour is available for you to follow suit. With the Training Doll, you don't have to worry about other people's time and just work as much as you can on your schedule.

The head of the mannequin is ready to serve you 24/7. You can practice early in the morning before going to work, or do something fun and useful in the middle of the night to practice. Plus, you can save time on finding someone who wants to be a model. Sometimes a person can agree to help you for only one day, and you have to waste time finding a new assistant. Whatever the situation, mannequins are always available.

When using a Training Heads, you can be sure of one thing - you'll never have to experience the bad consequences of a makeup failure. If you are a beginner, your first makeup may not be very good. You are likely to make a lot of mistakes. Imagine you're doing it on a human. They will feel angry, frustrated and disappointed with the results. Needless to say do it professionally and get bad recommendations from clients.

You'd better start with practice to perfect your skills. You are allowed to make a lot of mistakes without encountering the wrath of the dissatisfied person sitting in front of you. All you have to do is settle down and correct your mistakes until you gain confidence and acquire undisputed skills.

Because the trained makeup model has only the head, it is very easy to use and carry. If you get tired of practicing standing, you can just lie down in bed and continue working there. And even if you work with the doll standing, you don't have to move much. Instead of moving, the 3D head model rotates at will, saving energy. The device is lightweight, so you can carry it around your house to find a more comfortable place to work.

To sum up, having Training Heads will bring you a lot of benefits. You don't have to rely on schedules and other people's openings to practice your skills. In addition, you won't face the negative effects of makeup failure. Mannequins allow you to make thousands of mistakes without complaining about the results. You can also experiment with new makeup looks, invent new combinations and try out new styles without taking any risks. Best of all, thanks to the lightweight design and practicality of the 3D head model, you'll even have the opportunity to practice in bed.

The hair comes with real hair to give the customer a real look. Free Clamp Female is attached to this product. The product is easy to clean and wash by customers. Customers can have their sterilized hair delivered to their homes. The hair on the head is 16 inches long and is used by many professionals such as cosmetologists, hairdressers, hairdressers, salons and cosmetologists. They use this product for cutting, straightening, braiding and other hairstyle designs. Hairdressers are interested in this professional career model. The extended length of the wig is an attractive feature for customers.

Take some conditioner and run it gently across the lower half of the hair shaft. You better leave the roots and the base alone, because they are not in a good relationship with conditioners as these may damage them. Remember that one of the main missions of a conditioner is to fight tangles, which are placed close to the ends of the hair. So you always have to work in this area more to keep it in good condition. Let the product stay for 2-4 minutes on hair. Then, rinse it out with running water. If tangling is a common event on your manikin, you have to condition the hair after each training session.

Over time, hair loss is also a problem, especially if you work with fools every day. Long-term pulling and stretching, coupled with the use of hair care products, will weaken the hair fibers and make them fall off. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do in a self-controlled environment. You can go to a mannequin shop to solve this problem, but as long as it takes time and money, investing in a new dummy is also an option you can consider.

Although it is difficult to repair dwarf hair loss, you can take some precautions to prevent it from falling out. These methods include: avoiding the use of bleaching agents, avoiding excessive combing, using high-quality conditioner to comb the hair, reducing friction when combing, and making the hair more elastic and smooth.

The identification method of PVC human model head:

Listen to the sound: the DC model head is made of environmentally friendly resin polyethylene (polyethylene), filled with polyurethane inside. The interior is real, so when you tap the head mold with your hand, it doesn't make a crisp sound.

Weight: The PC head is relatively light in weight. The 18-inch head die weighs about 12-1.5kg

If you need to clean after using time, you can use shampoo and conditioner to clean. This Head Model is a great way to learn about various hairstyles. Whether you cut or weave, you brush. You can create many different looks; this great product teaches you all kinds of hairstyles or just for fun.

The seller undertakes that:


1. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We promise to reply within 24 hours.


2. If you have any problem with the product quality, please contact us first, we can handle the return and exchange for you, your satisfaction is our priority. Thank you. Have a nice shopping. Details: weight: about 0.9kg, 1 x Head Model, 1 x telephone desk combination box.


This training head is suitable for barbers, hairdressers to practice cutting, shaving, shaving, bending, coral, dyeing modeling and doing state board exercises.


Usually, the head of the whole manikin is pulled out. Please comb your hair at the end of your hair before use, and then gradually increase it. In particular, new baby heads will produce more, but not a moment later.

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