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What is Excel?

A major part of the population relies on Microsoft office since it is accessible to everyone. Even though many inventions led to the path of web storage and hold the key to the future.

A major part of the population relies on Microsoft office since it is accessible to everyone.

Even though many inventions led to the path of web storage and hold the key to the future.

This software is very appealing as users can use the different segments of this software based

on their requirements. Nowadays, versatility, flexibility, usability and easy to learn features

can help the users to utilise the software to the best of its potential. The software was

constructed for different user interface so that users can control the outcome without any



Excel is considered the most used segment of this software released on September 30, 1985.

The users vary from class grade students to working professionals. Excel has been considered

useful for different purposes especially data allocation and management. This segment was

manufactured with the sole purpose of assisting in compiling business for disparate

professionals. Excel can store, organise and manipulate data based on stipulation of the user.

The data are allocated on the spreadsheet and these spreadsheets can be created and edited for

further modifications. Spreadsheets are an extraordinary tool of excel, where it gives the

window of organising data into rows and columns to simplify the data and make it readable.

Excel spreadsheets are based on paper spreadsheets used for accounting. It has the same basic

layout of cells where data is stored. Excel can store several spreadsheets in a single computer


What Excel is used for?

Since Excel is a powerful segment of Microsoft, it is used for almost everything. Excel is

mainly used for business purposes, majorly to store and manipulate data.

Here are a few examples that might explain how to utilise Excel to the best of its capabilities.

If anyone consumes a complex set of data and it would take time to pen it down on paper,

then excel can simply the data for the user, it will compile all the available data and elevate

the readability. Since the usability is infinite, therefore, the reach is endless:

·      Keep track of sales by the customer from month to month;

·      Monitor customer payments to ensure that none are late;

·      Keep track of expenses and assign them to particular employees;

·      Calculate hours worked per employee for monthly payroll;

·      Calculating monthly payments on the office mortgage;

·      Creating graphs or charts to explain company performance over time;

·      Estimate monthly sales for the next three years based on historical data; and

·      Assign projects and tasks to employees in a centralized location.

Why do people use/learn Excel?

The world is growing at an exceptional rate and most of the sector is technology-driven.

Hence, technology illiteracy is no longer a sustainable option for a potential worker. In a

corporate world, efficiency and representation are very essential for a successful career.

Many reasons define why Excel is an important tool for a worker.

Following are the four major reason why Excel is prominent for the users:

1.      Excel is more than just creating tables

In our school life, we may have used an excel sheet to make a table and organise data in them

for better presentation. But this segment has more to offer than we can fathom, some of the

major applications are mentioned below:

·      Easy-to-navigate data

·      Does complex calculations for the user

·      Graphics and charts pile the complex data

·      Data analyse and make forecasting predictions

·      Create, build and edit pixelated images.

Excel is more than what looks like, this segment is more about solving a problem but with

organising data for the user, simplify them, arrange them and make them more productive.


2.      Excel makes things happen

Apart from organising data and manipulating the content, Excel's functions are meant to save

time for the users, in the initial days of setting data, it consumes a lot of time to record them

on physical spreadsheet but now that  Excel came into existence the data was easily allocated

on an electric spreadsheet and it would actually solve the complex calculations. By the end of

the day, the user can conserve time.

3.      User can expand professionally

Not everyone is aware of the features of Excel that would increase the job prospects with

financial status. If the user can grasp the skills offered by Excel, it will give an edge.

4.      Increase the efficiency

There is a misconception that only accountants or bankers rely on excel. There are many

teachers and, scientist, business owners, graphic designers who choose to excel based on their

requirements. Since the user knows Excel in and out, then they are the go-to person for data

allocation and effective representations, of the provided data. Once they retain their positions

in the workplace, they can excel with the help of Excel.


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