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What to do when you forget your MSN email Password?

Here are simple steps regarding how to change MSN password, reset MSN password or you forgot MSN password or MSN not working on chrome...

MSN or Microsoft Network is basically a network that includes different internet services and programs offered by Microsoft Corporation Limited. For example, programs like Outlook, MS Word online, Search Engine (Bing), etc are all part of MSN. Email services are also offered by the company to its users for free. Millions of users from all around the world use MSN email services to send or receive emails on a daily basis. A user-friendly interface of the MSN email platform is probably one of its core features. Users can easily access their MSN email account on any device or PC by their login credentials.   


However, in case you have forgotten your MSN email password, then the only way to access your account is by resetting the password. In order to help you to successfully reset your MSN email password, we have prepared a step by step guide for you. Just follow every step mentioned below in its proper sequence to reset your forgot MSN password.


Steps for MSN Email password reset


  1. In order to reset the MSN password, first of all, you have to open this URL in your web preferred web browser.
  2. Once the webpage is loaded in your web browser, click on the “i forgot my password” option available on the login page.
  3. Select the “Reset your password” option and enter the characters shown followed by clicking on the “Next” icon.
  4. Now, you will see various different types of options that are available to reset yours forgot MSN password.
  5. For example, if you have selected to recover your MSN account password via SMS verification, then you can select that option and can verify the OTP to create a new password for your account.
  6. If you have added your alternate email address to recover your primary MSN email account password, then you can select that option and a verification link will be sent to that alternate email for a password reset.
  7. Once you create your new password, click on the “Done” option and then try to login to your MSN email account.


How to change the MSN email password?


To avoid the situation of forgetting or skipping your MSN email account password, we will suggest our users to regularly change their MSN email account password. In order to change msn password, quickly go through the step by step guide mentioned below for the same.

  1. First of all, sign in to your Microsoft account on your device using your current password. 
  2. Once you sign into your Microsoft account successfully, click on the Security tab followed by clicking on the Password Security option.
  3. Now, type your current password and new password which you want to set in the columns present there.
  4. You have to re-enter your new password in order to verify it again.
  5. After entering all these details, click on the “Done” icon to finish the setup.


Regularly changing your MSN account password is also recommended for your account security. Your account security is your responsibility despite the fact that MSN is one of the leading email service providing platforms which is pretty much secure and safe for the users. You can change your MSN account password whenever you feel like your account is not safe or security has been compromised. Due to rising cases of cybersecurity breaches and hacking, we generally suggest our users change the password of their MSN account at least once or twice in a month. It will help you to prevent your privacy and personal data from the attacks of hackers.      


 Why MSN Email Stopped Working on Chrome Browser and How to fix it?


MSN is undoubtedly a leading email service provider platform. You can access your MSN account on any web browser if you have your account credentials. However, many of our users have reported that they are unable to login to their MSN account on the Google Chrome web browser. Some of them are even not able to access the official website of MSN on their device. The most common reason why users are not able to login to their MSN account on Google Chrome web browser is due to the presence of a lot of cache data and cookies stored in the Google Chrome Web Browser. Excess cache data is probably the biggest reason why MSN not working on chrome. That’s why it might be possible that you will frequently face difficulties while logging into your MSN account on Google Chrome. Other reasons like enabled pop-ups and Windows Firewall can also be held responsible for this issue. So, if you are looking out for an immediate solution to troubleshoot this issue, then just read out the following ways of troubleshooting mentioned below:


  1. Clearing Cache data and cookies stored in your web browser: As excess cache data stored in the web browser of your PC is possibly the biggest reason behind this issue, that’s why clearing it might help you to troubleshoot this issue. You can easily clear cache data and cookies stored in the Google Chrome web browser of your device in one go under the settings menu.
  1. Checking for the latest updates of Google Chrome Web Browser: Sometimes when you are continuously using an older version of Google Chrome Web browser on your PC, then it might create bugs in the working and due to it, you will be unable to access some of your accounts. So, we will recommend you to update your web browser to its latest firmware and check whether the issue is resolved or not.
  1. Disabling the pop-ups and Firewall of your PC: If none of the above two methods is able to troubleshoot this issue of msn not working on chrome, then you might have to disable pop-up windows and Firewall of your PC. Sometimes, due to security reasons, the firewall of your PC blocks access to some specific sites without your permission. That’s why we recommend you disable the firewall of your PC for some time and check whether you are able to access your MSN account on Google Chrome browser or not.
  1. Reinstalling Google Chrome browser on your PC: You can also try to fix this issue of msn not working on chrome by simply reinstalling Google Chrome Web browser on your PC. You can uninstall it from the settings window of your PC and can download or install it again on your PC. Once you reinstall the Google Chrome Web browser, just check whether you are able to login to your MSN account or not.   
  1. Switching to some other Web browser: If none of the above-mentioned ways of troubleshooting has helped you to fix this issue, then you might have to switch to some other web browser to easily log in to your MSN account. We recommend you to use the Mozilla Firefox browser as a substitute for the Google Chrome Web browser. 


So, these were some common ways of troubleshooting this issue of MSN not working on chrome. We really hope that one of them will definitely help you to fix this issue on your device. You can also contact Microsoft customer care support if this issue is not fixed on your device to get some personal assistance from certified engineers.         

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