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What's the real ROI of Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is not new, If you had ever read about SEO. It’s a technique that people, blogger or companies used to attract the visitors on their website or build a reputation. If you had ever read about SEO, or ever work for your blog

Guest blogging is not new, If you had ever read about SEO. It’s a technique that people, blogger or companies used to attract the visitors on their website or build a reputation.

If you had ever read about SEO, or ever work for your blog. You have done guest posting to increase the reach, establish yourself as an expert in your industry, and of course to build backlinks for your website.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a free advertising method/technique that gives you a lot of benefits without much investment. In terms of investment, you need to put your bunch of time to research and write a quality article.

Writing high-quality content that educates your audience, helps to build relationships, credible and publishing it on a trustworthy website. Selecting a website in your industry(Not at your competitor's website) which has lots of web traffic and authority.

Guest blogging is a two-way beneficial method. Not only the writers but its also helpful for publishers. 

The mutual benefit of guest blogging. website owners don't need to spend their lot of time researching & creating quality content. Only need to verify the content from guest authors whether it is valuable for their users or not. 

‌The web is not about old and spammy content. If you want to stand out then you have to publish or create quality content continuously for your website. 

Here are quick tips before submitting your guest post on any website what things you should remember:-

  1. ‌‌Add at least one relevant internal link of the website where you publish your guest post. This makes a good sign of your research and increases your website authority. Also, it helps in getting fast approval of your guest post. Add some high authority website in your guest post as well.

  2. when you publish your article, Add concise author bio. Many websites prohibit the link back to your website in the body section but allowed to add a link in the author section. Although some website allows you to link your main website with do-follow backlinks in the author section.

  3. ‌use CTA ( Call To Action) words in your article, this way you get more comments on your article. More comments mean more popularity and shares of your post.

  4. ‌Share your guest post on your social media networks. This way you say "thank you" for publishing your article. As well as you will drive web traffic for both(your website & guest website).

Following these tips will improve your guest posting ROI and help in instant approval. Follow our recommendation will help you to increase your SEO, boost your brand awareness, the credibility of your brand, build relationships with industry experts, to reach new audiences and build them your regular users.


Let's see, what's the real ROI of Guest Blogging


1. Brand Awareness

‌Brand awareness, the most vital benefit of guest blogging that's why I keep it at the top.

‌It is very complex to measure, there is no way to track it on Google Analytics or any other software. 

Note:- Try to publish your post on high authority sites such as Forbes, Hubspot, storify, your story, etc. These websites have a lot of communities, users' trust and regular visits on these websites. 

‌This will help you get credibility, brand awareness as well as increase your website SEO metric.


2. Backlinks

Backlinks extremely important things in SEO. Backlinks from authority sites can rapidly increase your website ranking on Google.

Having a backlink on a website that has a link back from lots of high authority websites will automatically increase your website authority. 

In terms of backlinks, Guest blogging has a long term benefit. Generally, the link created through another SEO method will expire at some time but guest posting is the last longing.

Note:- Don't do guest blogging for the shake of backlinks otherwise you will get disappointed very soon. Keep the focus on building authority and trust through guest blogging. 


3. Web Traffic

Another benefit of guest blogging is web traffic. Bloggers or website owners get lots of web traffic through guest posting. It will also increase your fan following on social media networks as well.

Web traffic through guest blogging is not Pretty higher. It depends on the content quality and the website where you publish it. Many website owners build their network via guest blogging and driving lots of web traffic through that. 


4. Building Relationship

"Succeeding in business is all about making the connections", said Richard Branson. This is not only applying on online marketing but this is also very effective in offline marketing as well.

If you want to growth & popularity, you have to make the connections, build a relationship with those who already stand in the industry.

Guest blogging helps you increase the number of networks & make new connections with industry experts.

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