Which University is best for MBBS Ukraine or Philippines?

If you are uncertain about MBBS Ukraine or Philippines then you can find the best medical university by understand the fee and admission process even the educational benefit and carrier potential at that university.

Pursuing doctor degree is the dream of every medical aspirant. However, with the limited number of seats and the high fees in private medical colleges, many deserving students find it difficult to get admission in the medical University of their choice in India.

However, many good Universities abroad provide good quality medical education at the much affordable price. Countries like Philippines, Ukraine and Bangladesh are preferred by many Indian students for pursuing their medical degree for they offer good quality medical education at the affordable fees.

Let us explore both the University options of Ukraine and Philippines individually to get an idea about which is best for you to choose from.

MBBS in Ukraine: Ukraine is the most preferred country by many Indian students to pursue their MBBS degree. The country has a cool and serene aura with communal agreement and good security for foreigners. The country is gaining lot of popularity among international students because of its salubrious environment, safety, good quality education and European living standards. The MBBS University representations take special care offering international students with secure study and living atmosphere on campus. Leading government medical universities offer MBBS at very reasonable prices as compared to other countries.   The Medical colleges of Ukraine offer the best value for medical education in terms of infrastructure, quality, and affordable costs to the students. Also, the medical universities get constant help from the Ukrainian government for maintaining good standards of education. There is no entrance exam to get admission in a medical university in Ukraine. This makes it easy for aspiring and deserving students to enroll themselves in the medical stream of their choice easily. The duration of the MBBS course is of 6 years with 60% marks in PCB and NEET qualification. With good and experienced faculty, superior quality medical education and affordable fees, studying MBBS in Ukraine is a comparatively affordable and a good option to go for.

MBBS in Philippines: Philippines is one of those countries that are known for offering good quality MBBS education. The experienced medical faculty and higher level of practical sessions in medical colleges of the country have gained significant popularity around the world. The medical Universities are approved by the MCI and WHO. The medium of instruction is English which breaks the major barrier of communication for international students especially those from India. Philippines offer superior quality MBBS education with safe environment to international students. The fees charged here is very low as compared to the colleges of other countries. The medical degree obtained from here is globally accepted. This helps the students to get a job in any part of the world. 

The medical colleges have great infrastructure with good staff, equipment and technology that help the MBBS students to gain great practical and laboratory experience. The students are given hands on training and practical clinical rounds that help in their overall growth as a doctor. The cost of a complete the MBBS course is very affordable and there is no donation system in the medical colleges here. All these aspects make it feasible for many Indian and other international students to pursue MBBS in Philippines.

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