Whirlpool ac price in BD

Whirlpool Stylish Split AC Cost And Inspect In BD

Whirlpool Split AC Air conditioner is recognized among the handy cooling appliance in contemporary time. Due to having excellent prognosis and innovative features air conditioner is considering a smart machine.

Whirlpool Split AC Air conditioner is recognized among the handy cooling appliance in contemporary time. Due to having excellent prognosis and innovative features air conditioner is considering a smart machine. In the Bangladeshi market, there are several brands available in the market, and they've been offering creative featuring air conditioner within affordable price. Among them, Whirlpool is a popular one. They've made air conditioner easily to reach for all types' people.

Whirlpool Split AC is heavy blue color split type product to place at the well.


- Air conditioner price in Bangladesh is a small size air conditioner with elegant outside looking. This air conditioner product won't only keep you fresh at the time of warm summer but also increase the beauty of your room.

- Natural operating features with a remote control to correct the manual according to the requirement. So no matter where are you setting at your area you'd quickly get the chance to switch the work soon.

- Although it is a high power energy Consuming product due to having efficient inverter technologies, it has been utilizing 15 per cent less energy. So at the end of the month that your electricity bill will remain within your capacity.

- Whirlpool ac price in BD can be a frequent product to have your closest appliances showrooms.


- This is a small size product with restricted cooling capacity. That means you can't expect to operate this product more ardently than others.

Design and Measurement

Whirlpool Split AC is deep blue color divide type product to place at the well. Together with a window at the front part of the structure, there's a LED control panel provided to show the status of the air conditioner. You can easily make the change of the function following your requirement. Whirlpool Split AC is a 1-ton capacity base product with elegant outlook and innovative features. Together with excellent windows to stream the calm atmosphere all around the space sign light with LED containing control panel is provided to understand the status of the air conditioner. This is a 1-ton size product of air conditioner. This is readily set at your wall.

Cooling capacity

This product has a 1-ton cooling capacity of 10500 BTU. This is perfect for maintaining 120 sqr. Feet room cool during warm and humid summer. Alongside 4 swing capacity of airflow it's indoor airflow (Hi/Mid/Lo) m3/ h 564 / 437 / / 300 and outside sound level is 40.1/ / 32.5/30.5.

Smart features

Given features have made this product more appealing and smatter. A number of the available aspect of Hitachi air conditioner price in Bangladesh is provided below.

Moisture Removal: in the time of warm summer environment become wet that gives you a sticky feeling. This product has a moisture removal alternative, which may keep the room dry for a long time as well as make comfortable weather for the left.

The screen on Front Panel: To get the idea about the features LED display is given. It does help to control the cooling elements too since you can set the cooling by your requirement. The digital number does show at the front of the display to understand the details of the operation.

Wireless Remote Controller: All of the features are defined; therefore, you can control the cooling elements from the long-distance quite readily. Easily keep able as well as the pocket is given in the side to maintain the remote safely.

Removable and Washable Panel: Heating panel needs to wash correctly time to time for getting proper cooling. In the instance of this product, all of the filter, as well as the group, can be easily detachable.

Sleep Operation: this alternative reduces the power of cooling and becomes slow in the case of air casting along with all the other activates. You may set this option in the time of sleep. This function will work properly and make feel pressure-free during the night.

High Air Circulation: at the time of additional hot and humid, you can use this option. It has the power to provide the maximum quantity of fresh air that will give you instant coolness. Besides, it has four side oscillation systems to make sure about the appropriate airflow all around the room.

Programmable Timer: it is possible to set you're required on and also of time in the appliance. After attaining that specific time machine will start working or stop functioning.

Electric features

As well Midea ac price in bd is known as a high power-consuming product of modern appliances with elegant outlook and design. Unlike other smart air conditioner consume high electricity. This product of air conditioner may be run with the standard voltage of 220V to 230V. This product consumes 1116 watts. So it would help if you had to pay more electricity bill then standard days.

Price and Accessibility

Whirlpool has several showrooms all over the nation. At your nearest Transcom Digital appliances showrooms within the affordable price.


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