Super Silver Haze

Why Colorado Tokers Love Super Silver Haze

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Super Silver Haze aka SSH Marijuana Strain Information | Leafly

Strains that stand the preliminary of time merit genuine respect. Seeing a compartment of Super Silver Haze flashing on a dispensary rack slapped that presumption into my skull on a distressing Monday evening, precisely when I expected something to illuminate my day. 

If you feel like Super Silver Haze has been around for quite a while, you're right. The strain rose to popularity in the mid-'90s, clearly raised by Green House Seeds, the Dutch imitating association in like manner known for its Strain Trackers web game plan. Green House Seeds crossed three unfading strains to make the acclaimed sativa, recreating Haze and Aurora Borealis — the innate characteristics behind Silver Haze — with a Skunk variety for something to some degree increasingly, well, super than the first. 

I've never been a colossal devotee of the sort of most Haze strains. They're typically too much lively and regular, yet citrus-considerable cuts of Amnesia Haze, Nebulous vision Train Haze and Super Lemon Haze (family of Super Silver Haze) have all disproved my inclination previously. While early experiences with Super Silver Haze made that inclination, that was a structure I'd found on the contraband market. 

Retail types of Super Silver Haze have exhibited it to be a superior, danker-tasting strain than I'd suspected, with an advantageous, playful high once I comprehends its great power and penchant to change my mouth into Death Valley. I've seen it at Buoy, Emerald Fields, the Prosperity Spot, High West Cannabis, the Joint, Nature's Herbs and Wellbeing and Broad Herbs up until this point, yet there are likely more stores passing on it. 

Looks: Super Silver Haze's buds reliably help me to recall Wisconsin, Michigan or some other glove formed Midwestern state. Sparkling, smooth trichomes energetically spot lime-green calyxes, giving more noteworthy legitimacy to the words "Super Silver." Those oddly framed buds can in like manner mean intrusive leaves, be that as it may, so it's not the most clear to trim. 

Smell: While it conveys some red hot bloom notes close to the end, Super Silver Haze is commonly overflowing with clear, significant whiffs of lemons, wet soil and gas, with a skunky layer hanging over everything. That definitive kind of smell opens up your eyes and helped start that whole sativa-suggests imperativeness thing. 

Flavor: Grainier, earthier and spicier than the smell suggests, yet simultaneously particularly sweet and thick on the Diesel-like sorts of harsh versatile, with a slight citrus waiting flavor. 

Effects: Super Silver Haze's flavor may accumulate with other old Haze strains, yet the high is still commonly calm regardless of its reputation. Despite the way that it makes time move somewhat more delayed than your cerebrum and makes you slanted to cottonmouth, the strain is still altogether strong in the daytime and for imaginative assignments. Wellbeing favorable circumstances have included compensating weakness, stress, dietary issues and pointless absence of concern. 

Business maker's take: "What a show-stopper. It's extremely dreadful that Super Silver Haze is definitely not a titanic yielder or that uncommon in our outside conditions, since it's one of my favored past period sativa strains. The high will make me lively and happy, yet it's not extremely crazy for me. In any case, it needs a wet climate — Colorado sure doesn't have that. It is definitely not a straightforward strain for experienced cultivators giving it a shot on the grounds that, also a student." click here for more Super Silver Haze

Home cultivator's take: "The dispensary individual is right. I've endeavored this twice: once in a bloom remain with another strain, so it wasn't adequately moist and the buds were too weak...all that ensuing to holding up more than over two months to assemble. I [added such countless nutrients] the other time and devoured the blooms. If I did it again, it'd be in an alternate room, and only a plant or two for Innovative work. It's too hard to even consider evening consider contingent upon aside from in the event that you genuinely acknowledge what you're doing."

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