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Why window insect screens are the best way to stop mosquito bites

Modern fly screens and mosquito nets for insects in Abu Dhabi.

Mosquito bites can be more dangerous than we’ve ever thought of. We have been taking mosquito bites lightly because we are still unaware of some mosquito-ridden diseases which can be fatal. However, any mosquito disease which happens makes the body feeble with time, hence it is better to take precautions before the situation goes out of hand. The mosquito net Dubai market has the best solution for it and they are the quality mosquito and fly screens for modern homes of Dubai. Not only the mosquitoes but it also keeps flies and other unwanted bugs out of the home.




When we talk about safety from mosquito bites, we think of mosquito repellent sprays, mosquito repellent creams, fog, powders, candles, and whatnot. To be honest, these products are not fully reliable because no matter how advanced they may be, they are not 100% effective. Moreover, they can have harmful chemicals which can be hazardous for humans more than they are for mosquitoes or insects. Therefore, the best solution is prevention and, in this case, nothing is better than the modern mosquito net Dubai. Dubai residents have a high standard of living and they want everything to be perfect in their homes. Mosquito repellents and mosquito creams, sprays, etc are not just their cup of tea, they want something permanent, that is why the modern mosquito mesh and fly screens are replacing the old and flimsy mosquito nets in Dubai homes. The modern mosquito mesh and fly screens are not like those conventional and flimsy screens which break easily and need constant repair. They are made of quality stainless steel mesh enclosed with aluminum frames for excellent quality and durability.




How are modern screens different from conventional screens?


When we use the term ‘modern’ for the latest fly screens that are growing in popularity, we mean they are the ‘pleated’ screens. Some of the features of pleated screens are:

  • Pleated screens mean they are can be folded easily just like an accordion and fits into their aluminum case when not in use.
  • Another key feature of these pleated fly screens is that they blend very well with the existing doors and windows of the home. It means that they can be installed without disturbing the existing doors or windows.
  • They offer excellent protection against all insects and bugs.
  • They are very strong and durable.
  • Functional and easy to operate.
  • These screens can be used for the protection of pets and your kids. They can be installed in the doors and windows and act as guards against all types of unwanted intruders.



These pleated screens are newly launched in the mosquito net Dubai market and are becoming popular all over the world. If your screen doors and windows are broken and you are planning for an insect screen repair then it’s a great opportunity to get these great new screens installed at your home. These are some of the simplest and best protection currently available against mosquito bites.


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