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All pet owners ask us this common question “ Will an Electric Dog Collar hurt my dog? “ 

We have a simple answer to this question, An eclectic dog collar will not hurt your dog. 


There are instances when a shock collar ( as known as electric collar ) can cause slight harm to your dog and it is when the collar is not fitted properly on your pet’s neck. This does not only imply to bark collars but all electric bark collars in general.


What is an Electric dog collar?

Electric dog collars are a part of the family of dog collars, that deliver electric current of various intensity that is harmless and works as a correction guide for dogs. 

The dog collar that we’re discussing comes with different purposes. Some of them being :


All these collars have different purposes but they have one thing in common. Can you guess what that could be? 


Yes, you’ve guessed it right. All the collars work with static correction to reinforce positive behaviour of the pet. 


The static stimulation is absolutely harmless and cannot possibly hurt your dog. It only deters your dog from performing certain activity like continuous barking, saving your pet from escaping the property and causing harm to neighbours by destroying their gardens.


Some Questions You Might Consider Before Deciding To Choose Electric Bark Collars!

  • How to fit an electric dog collar properly?
  • How to select the perfect bark collar for your dog?
  • Steps on taking good care of your dog’s skin?


How to fit an electric dog collar properly?

All the bark collars come with adjustable straps that are properly fitted around your dog’s neck.

For a comfortable fit of the collar, you need to make sure that the contact posts touch your dog’s skin properly. 


If the strap is loosely tied, your dog might not receive the static shock which intends to correct his behaviour. This does not mean we promote very tight fitting of the collar. 


Ideal position is where your dog can move his neck freely and have space for passing the air. 

It might take some time for you to understand proper positioning of the collar but fitting the wrong collar and keeping it on for long periods of time can possibly hurt your dog’s skin underneath.


Steps to fit the Dog collar properly  :

  1. Make sure the collar is turned off
  2. Calm your dog and let him stand before you put on a new collar on him ( Dog’s may get reluctant while trying new things )
  3. Put on the collar around dog’s neck and check the snug with one finger between neck and collar
  4. Make sure the contact points touch dog’s skin
  5. Let your dog get comfortable with new collar for a few minutes
  6. Check the snug again to ensure proper fitting
  7. Turn on the collar
  8. Take the collars off and check your dog’s skin time to time


How to select the perfect bark collar for your dog?

There are numerous dog collars in the market. 

Bark collars that you can select according to your dog’s breed, your dog’s temper and your dog’s size. One size fits all does not work here.


You must be thinking, How would you choose from so many different collars available in the market? 

  • Always read the product description carefully 
  • It’s pros and cons
  • Compare similar products of different brands
  • In case of any query, Talk to the specialists before purchasing
  • Read Blogs & FAQs


Steps on taking good care of your dog’s skin

Improper fitting can cause harm to your dog’s skin. There are ways that you can incorporate to keep your dog’s skin healthy: 

  • Fit the collar properly- Leave a thumb’s gap between contact post and dog’s skin
  • Turn it off after 7- 8 hours in use. Don’t leave it on for too long
  • Clean the contact posts
  • Clean your dog’s neck frequently to avoid possible infection
  • Take out the collar once a week for whole day to let your dog enjoy the freedom


Each bark collar come s with a manual and training guide to help you train your dog at every step. 

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