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WordPress development – a name synonym with website

Every successful story indeed has a humble beginning. Before the world knew about WordPress development initially as a blog software tool known as b2/cafelog way back in 2003.

The story of WordPress

Every successful story indeed has a humble beginning. Before the world knew about WordPress development initially as a blog software tool known as b2/cafelog way back in 2003. Matt Mullenweg and Mike little are the two brilliant minds behind the initiation of developing a high-quality personal publishing system mainly for blogs. As years passed by, its popularity took an upward swing, as many more open source contributors made significant contributions to the platform and Word Press was born, which was unique from b2/cafelog. The WordPress development CMS – Content management software was jointly researched & developed after several years of hard work by more than 150 top professionals and software experts and the tool is based on PHP and MySQL with licensing under GPLv2.

Built at a cost of more than eight million USD, currently, WordPress CMS software is among the world's most popular tool used as website content management by web designers and web developers. Powering more than 34% of the total websites available on the Internet worldwide, WordPress CMS software has achieved its feat of success. In the global CMS market, WordPress has a commanding share of more than 61% and the tool has been powering the top websites of the world that include some glitzy names like BBC America, Facebook Newsroom, The White House website, Tech Crunch, Spotify, and the New York Times.

Web development with WordPress

As we elaborate on this topic you might be eager to know, who is a WordPress developer?

A WordPress developer is a software professional who masters in basic coding and infrastructure in a WordPress development platform. His/her job is to improve the functionality and efficiency of the WordPress website itself and create the best site for their client, customized as per their client requirement. A WordPress developer creates and customizes website themes, styles, and various plugins that are available both for Free on the WordPress plugin directory features and purchase basis. The platform is among the most popular in the world due to its simplicity and user friendly attributes and noncomplex content management mechanism.

PHP is the main scripting language used in WordPress. PHP is another open source CMS system and used as a programming and scripting language primarily used as a tool to create dynamic and interactive websites. In WordPress PHP files can be identified as they have ".php extension”. PHP can also be used inside HTML documents.     
However it is not a mandate for WordPress developers to know PHP to use the tool effectively or to operate or manage a WordPress website. WordPress can be used without having any prior knowledge in programming and coding in PHP. But it always helps if a developer has a basic knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS for efficient development of WordPress themes uses plugins, makes modifications on the default features and action filters. A survey has found that about 500 plus websites are created every day using WordPress. Both professional web developers and beginners prefer WordPress as the primary software for web development.


WordPress CMS system allows the user to build amazing high-performance websites that meets your business needs and defines your brand value. Whether you want to start your blog site, or build a company website/business website, a portfolio for your products, impress your clients, create an online store for your e-commerce business or any else that you wish to do on the Internet, WordPress has the solution for all your requirements, be it individual or for your enterprise. The CMS system software claims to build a new website in minutes. It provides everything that you need to make your website. It offers free hosting, allows you to have your very own domain, enjoys support from a superb team that supports you  24x7, has a wide range of plugins that can be used effectively to make your site different from the competition, and more appealing. Its plugin directory offers more than 5500 inhouse plugin options. 

A WordPress website has no limitations. It offers mobile-ready themes that are built, optimized, and responsive. Whether you need to just think of a website for family/personal use or for promoting or selling your products to a larger audience/customers around the globe, WordPress gives you the best platform to live your dreams. WrodPress provides ultimate powers for your e-commerce website or your online store. Study shows that about 22% of the best e-commerce sites in the world are powered by WooCommerce. 

WordPress can work as a backend support system for a wide variety of websites, that includes dynamic news websites, e-commerce websites, Blogsites, etc. Below is a brief preview of its amazing popularity among the users.

A real-time activity report on global usage of the WordPress software system has revealed that on an average, information on WordPress are being viewed by over 410 million viewers per month, about 20 billion pages are being viewed. On an average 17 blogs are being posted & published on WordPress every second, WordPress are being searched on the Internet by approx. 37 million people per month. WordPress development tool is a real story of success that the software industry has seen during the last decade to date.

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