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Zoom Clone - A video conferencing app that comes with a marketing platform

Zoom Clone is a corporate software that provides secure virtual conference rooms. Favor of Zoom clone script? Good, It is a highly economical and cost-effective approach to develop your app.

There is no surprise that Zoom is the premium video conferencing app preferred by users in 2020. There is no doubt that it is still holding the same position as they provide many distinct ways for marketing in their app for enterprises. Marketing is always a crucial part of every business. It helps to increase the visibility of services/products among audiences.

Basically, Zoom is designed in such a way that its target is the corporate sector, where professionals can conduct meetings and host online sessions. This app is suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises. Essential features included in the app for video conferencing are Video & audio calls, Group calls, Text chat, Screen sharing, Virtual Hand raising, and Record meetings.

A video conferencing app like Zoom allows users to connect people remotely as per their convenience. This app has a simple UI that enables users to walk through the registration process with ease. Not only Zoom, other video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Skype, Team Viewer, and Google Hangouts have caught the audience’s attention. 

Because, people are working from home due to the pandemic and remote communication has become new normal. Without a doubt, you can go for Zoom like app development and step foot into this industry.  

A simple way for Zoom like app development is using the Zoom clone solution. It is a ready-to-use solution that can be customized based on your needs. It will let you launch your app in a blink of an eye. In short, it employs entrepreneurs or business people to deploy a custom ready-made solution and scale growth. 

Is investing in a Zoom like app the right choice?

Apart from offering a video conferencing app, you can allow many people to market their services in your app. Here are a few points you can let people market their business in addition to the video conferencing feature.

Product promotion

You can let a host to discuss their products/services throughout the session. Or else, they can call their target audience to use their service/product. 


A host can promote their product using the screen sharing feature. Even though it is a simple presentation, they can promote their product at the start or end of meetings. The host and attendees can change the background that reflects their brand/service/product. 

At the end of the session, the host can send their business website link via chat. 


Sponsoring is not a new concept as it is a good opportunity to gain a financial incentive. In Spite of having numerous ways, offering product samples is an effective way of marketing. 

Social engagement

You can integrate your Zoom clone app with some popular social networking platforms. This might help customers to share and engage with brands/products. 

Social media engagement helps to increase brand awareness among customers. As a result, it improves the customer’s loyalty. 

To conclude,

As everything is remotely connected nowadays, marketers prefer to promote their products/services/brand through a video conferencing app like Zoom. So, if you could include the necessary features, people would find it more useful as they can use the Zoom clone app for video conferencing and marketing. 

On the whole, the idea to invest in the Zoom clone app development will never go wrong. Choosing your monetization strategies to make the most out of your revenue is necessary. Turn your vision into reality in no matter of time using the Zoom clone script. This script paves the way to step into this industry right away. Start out now.


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