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The China Self-loading machine is a small vehicle that can easily fit in small spaces. Mostly used in construction in rural areas, urban centers, tunnels, seaports, airports, high speed rail and other places. It is made of high-strength steel plate that bolsters the bearing capacity of the vehicle and its stability.  It contains a small capacity mixing drum whose angle is lower than of other construction mixing machines thus effectively plummeting the gravity of the vehicle and improving the driving safety. The main drum and the mixing drum are uniform and manufactured by 16mn integral forging. It has mixing blades that have different spacing so as to streamline the feeding device thus increasing the mixing speed performance. Key Features •    Has high visibility due to the self-loading concrete mixer which boosts the rate of operation with its non-blind corners •    Has a cab that is integrated with a revolving frame thus keeping the operator in frequent visual contact with the drum outlet and the bucket assembly. This reduces the cycle time and cuts on supervision •    Contains self-loading truck mixers that can load material and cast concrete in a 360 degrees angle. This improves on the productivity and usability of the machine. In its perpetual rotation mode the truck increases the activity time and bolsters efficiency.  Advantages •    It is of high quality compared to other traditional mixers, and of high efficiency  due to its unique features  •    Retails for a good affordable price and currently a hot sale in the market •    Highly portable as it is self-propelled by its rotor and hydraulic system. •    Has a compact structure, thus easily movable and easily stored. •    Provides fresh concrete at the site, ready concrete all the time, separate storage of construction materials thus ensuring their concentration.  Services •    Best after sale services from the company i.e. technical personnel for on-site installation, training and commissioning without any hassles. •    12 months warranty that covers damages caused by design, process and manufacturing equipment, force majeure and man-made factors, and free on-site repair in the event of such damages. •    Prompt response to inquiries about the mobile concrete mixing machine so you can use it without any issues. •     Speedy delivery of spare parts when necessary, original, genuine and quality repair parts by the seller. Feed Process •    First put the water and sand as you clean the final mixture. Then add cement. Turn 4 circles round the drum and the water, sand and homogenous and smooth. Continue turning the drum until the color is identical. •    Put the stone in then turn the drum around 8 circles. Just slow, not too fast as you let the mixture fall on the mixing arm. When the drum is turned quickly it does not lead to better mixing.  Conclusion The China self-loading machine has revolutionized the construction industry by offering a range of benefits to the industry.  Besides, the self-loading mixer fits most of the factors to be considered when buying a construction mixer. These factors include construction project type, duration project, and the viscosity of the raw materials among other factors.


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