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Digital identity management and verification are likely one of the most promising of the many developing use cases for blockchain technology. Billions of people around the world were harmed by personal data breaches in 2018. More secure means of storing, sharing, and verifying sensitive data are unquestionably needed. In this regard, blockchain solutions development for identity systems might provide useful answers to some of the problems that most centralized databases suffer. https://blockchain.oodles.io/blog/blockchain-for-advanced-secure-digital-identity-management/


Centralization was a major roadblock for telemedicine systems until Blockchain integration. Centralized systems, on the other hand, always run the risk of a single point of failure and are extremely vulnerable to external and internal data breaches, jeopardizing system reliability. Blockchain technology currently effectively addresses such critical challenges. To maintain the shared ledger of health records, it uses a distributed architecture. Every node connected to the Blockchain syncs and verifies all of the ledger copies. Among the primary difficulties addressed by Blockchain include tracing pharmaceuticals and drugs across the supply chain, tracking infected patients’ locations, confirming physicians’ credentials, and securing health records. https://blockchain.oodles.io/blog/potential-blockchain-technology-telemedicine/


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