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HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the basic language used in the creation of web pages. Hypertext refers to text stored in electronic format that can be cross-linked, and markup language refers to a set of instructions for displaying information. When HTML was initially developed in the early 1990s, web pages consisted primarily of text and the first version of HTML was primarily concerned with displaying text. However, HTML has evolved over the years and now HTML can instruct the browser not only how to display text information but such component parts of a web page as: graphics, multimedia, scripts, etc.In the early days of web design there were no standardized rules for HTML, and different browsers would display web pages differently. In addition, Netscape and Explorer, the two most popular web browsers at the time, started creating their own versions of HTML, meaning that a web page designed for Netscape might not display properly in Explorer, and visa versa. To resolve these problems, the World Wide Web Consortium was founded in 1994. Its goal is to set standards that all those involved in web site creation could follow, and that would be displayed similarly no matter which browser was used. The World Wide Web Consortium was instrumental in creating and updating HTML versions, as web pages grew more sophisticated. HTML versions have changed with the times, starting with HTML 2.0 in 1995 (there was no HTML 1.0 designation even though HTML had been in use for several years before HTML 2.0) to the most current version in production: https://tutorialsart.com/html-comments/


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