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Some of the ways to motivate inner emotions and get positive thoughts in your life. Here are some pointers: Be self aware:-  It is a saying that one who know his weakness can improve them. So if you are self aware you know where you fall,when you fall and you know how to rise. According to researches it has been found that while ninety five percent people think that they possess this trait but in actual only ten to fifteen Percent actually possess it.So, this means that we are mostly in the world of dreaming so you need to be conscious and emotionally aware of what we are doing. That is why you need to know how to motivate yourself. Practice self regulations:-  Understanding why and when you feel frustrated, or angry will helps you keep your impulse in check also the more you learn and practice breathing, more you collect yourself and your reaction towards stress will also be positive. You can talk to your parents, friends or anyone whom you feel to talk when you feel exhausted and frustrated this will lower your stress. Having this Self-awareness can increase your positive energy towards life. Stay motivated:- You need to be optimistic and persisting with your goals despite failure, setback or obstacles. Focus on your inner purpose instead of outside validations and compliments. Exercise empathy:- It’s very important to have empathy towards others, you should be kind and positive towards others. By following empathy, you will find even complicated things easier as it is way of life. When you show empathy towards others you show positive attitude and that generates positive energy.


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