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About me

It is tough to follow the specific moment where I had been interested in programming. However, the seconds when that curiosity has been not there, I remember it immediately. He was able to write in C++ a simple mp3 music player

Helius' - Addicted Minigames

Helius' is a world of simple, but fascinating puzzles, riddles and mini-games. One of its features is that it is impossible to predict the sequence of problems: the artificial intelligence of Helius in combination with randomness will ch...

High-performance work teams

Team practice, not just for soccer Many business leaders are dumb. "Why?" questions with dismay. Because they routinely miss out on a huge opportunity for improvement. Business organizations and businesses, when enlightened and awake,...

Custom Motorcycle Patches

We have all seen motorbike vests and jackets with difficult patches across their returned. The brilliant issue is that every one tells its very own specific story, pledges loyalty, or is advertising to other agencies / individuals that w...