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10 Best Employee Time Tracking Software To Monitor Employees

Here are the best 10 employee monitoring softwares that will help you to track your employee's productivity, performance, attendance, task management etc. Read the below content for more information.

Technology for time monitoring doesn't have to be painful! I've used my fair share of time monitoring tools as a project manager on a number of department teams, both for actually tracking time and also for tracking budgets and forecasting potential projects. Each team is different, so I have selected a handful of the top time management tools I suggest, along with summaries of their characteristics, pricing, and main pros and cons to help you choose the right time tracker for your projects.


  1. Desklog

Desklog, the leading employee time tracking software, helps to monitor the overall day of an employee in an organisation. It helps to monitor productivity, offline time, attendance and project management. Desklog helps to capture the screenshots of the websites visited by the employee and that too automatically. Hence we can increase the overall productivity of the employees. 


  1. Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking solution that can be implemented in the cloud or installed on Mac or Windows OS for freelancers and teams. Main features include a stopwatch timer, idle identification, the ability to set variable rates (e.g. per project, category, or user), distinguishing between checkable and non-checkable hours, reporting and analytics, and monitoring of employees. If you want to have a look at software solutions with similar features, these Toggl alternatives are a great starting point.


  1. Meister Task

MeisterTask is a solution for visual job management that can be implemented in the cloud or installed on Mac or Windows OS. Along with other features such as task management and collaboration, it provides time tracking. A stopwatch timer, the ability to record time against assignments, and time reports are main time tracking features (e.g., time logged per user, task, or project). If you would like to explore tech, software solutions with comparable features, these MeisterTask alternatives are a great place to start.


  1. Harvest 

Harvest is a time management platform focused on the cloud, developed for teams. A stopwatch timer, user timesheets, the ability to set adjustable rates (e.g. per project, category, or user), distinction between billable and non-billable hours, invoicing, project progress tracking dashboards, and reporting and analytics are key features (e.g., resource capacity and profitability). Would like to discuss these Harvest alternatives are a good place to begin


  1. Freedcamp


Freedcamp is a collaborative solution for job management that can be deployed in the cloud or installed on Mac or Windows OS. In addition to other features such as task management, bug tracking, and CRM, it provides time tracking. Key time monitoring features include the ability to monitor time against various tasks and to charge clients for project-logged time. If you are interested in software comparisons,solutions with similar features, these Freedcamp alternatives are a great place to start.


  1. Paymo 

Paymo is a full-featured job management platform that integrates task management under an intuitive digital workspace with advanced time tracking tools. As it also combines planning, inventory management, and invoicing, the platform is a common option to help you manage your whole process and ensure that you get paid fairly.


  1. Forecast.app 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used for forecasting to make the forecasts become smarter and more precise. In order to enhance future estimates, the overall time spent on tasks will be automatically benchmarked against your estimates and the AI learns from this, thus reducing the chance of under- or overestimating your projects. This would have a huge influence on the effectiveness of your resource planning, enabling you to improve your delivery and profitability.

  1. Actually

It's basically a time monitoring tool that is quick and easy to use. This program is ideal for projects operating with small and medium-sized teams. Actually, without the confusion of complicated forms, timesheets and user interfaces, it is easy to join project hours on desktop and mobile. Input hours and viewing the flex time balance are fast. Managers may see missed time entries and verify by person or project the total hours. Group and person flextime balance can be related to various holiday schedules, and you can even build your own calendar. In reality, individual workday lengths fluctuating over time are also sponsored. This makes tracking very easy.


  1. ProjectManager

ProjectManager.com is a software for project management that has built in tools for time tracking. The tool is cloud-based, making it simple to set up and get started, and its features for time tracking are intuitive, making it easy to use for team members as well. 

As the program also provides project planning, task allocation, and progress reporting functionality, the time tracking features are related to the tasks to keep team members and stakeholders on the same page. You can also handle timesheets, expenditures, and workloads by using this app. Via the app, team members may request time sheets, which can then be pulled into estimates to send to clients.


  1.  FunctionFox

Created for the creative industry by creative professionals, FunctionFox has the tools to help you handle your projects efficiently. Users can track billable and non-billable work, whether working alone or with a team. FunctionFox is designed to decrease your admin time and boost performance.

Powerful time tracking tools allow you and your team to quickly and effectively track time on projects and customers. Use the timer feature to manually track time as you work, or add time. Time summaries in a regular, weekly, or monthly view may be reviewed.


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